Bladder Cancer – Symptoms To Watch Out For

Bladder cancer can be of several different types, each that causes malignant growth of cells in the bladder.

These malignant or abnormal cells divide and multiply rapidly to form a cancerous tumor in the bladder. Common symptoms of bladder cancer are:

  • Blood being passed along with urine is the most common sign or symptom of bladder cancer. This blood could be visible to the naked eye, with the urine appearing bloody or discolored. On the other hand, it may not be visible or apparent to the naked eye and may only be able to be detected under a microscope.
  • Pain during urination is another common symptom that could alert a person to the presence of bladder cancer.
  • Frequent urination could also be one of the symptoms.
  • There may also the feeling that one wants to urinate; the feeling of fullness or pressure in the bladder that may make one go to the bathroom; but however may not result in urination.

However, it has to be remembered that the above signs and symptoms are not necessarily those of bladder cancer. Often they may be caused by other conditions such as cystitis or a prostate infection.

Blood being passed along with urine may even be caused by kidney cancer and other conditions.