How to Treat Bladder Cancer Naturally?

Bladder is a muscular organ in your pelvic area, which helps to store urine. Bladder cancer is a nature of malignancy which takes birth from the epithelial lining of the urinary bladder. It is the seventh most familiar cancer and is found most commonly in the age group of 65 or more.

Bladder cancer happens in your bladder in the cells that lie on the inside lining of the bladder. This type of cancer is curable if diagnosed at an early stage. However, even post treatment, bladder cancer patients do have the chances of recurrence and therefore they are asked to undergo follow up checkups frequently.

bladder cancer

Fortunately, there are natural ways of treating this cancer as well – here are some of them for your knowledge –

To prevent the tumor progression it is necessary to maintain a proper healthy diet throughout the treatment phase. Few home remedies or natural ways can be followed to treat bladder cancer in the natural way.


Regular intake of mistletoe herb after surgery will help you to prevent the reappearance of bladder cancer.


It consists of lycopene antioxidant which builds up protective stratum to fight against bladder cancer. Lycopene reduces urinary tract infection and that will lead to the natural cure of bladder cancer.

Grape or Orange Juice

Citrus foods like grapes or oranges contain limonene that will support you to block certain tumor growth. Thus it is advisable to incorporate either fruits or their juices to your daily diet.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has the useful compounds known as alpha tocopherol and gamma tocopherol that exist in avocadoes, papaya, and spinach. Inclusion of vitamin E in your diet will help to prevent the risk of bladder cancer effectively upto 42%.


Herb like parsley has various cancer fighting agents like polyacetylenes, flavonoids and monoterpenes. Both the root and the top of parsley will beneficial for you to fight against bladder cancer.

Beans and Carrots

Intake of beans and carrots can be beneficial to thwart bladder cancer.

Blackstrap Molasses

It helps to stabilize your body’s pH level. Make syrup by grinding and 1-2 tbsp of this syrup will be effective in treating bladder cancer. You can combine 1 tsp blackstrap molasses with 1 tsp baking soda as well. The intake will boost your immune system as well.

Thus with the above given natural ways you can fight and prevent bladder cancer.

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