7 Biggest Cancer Causers In Your Cupboards

Seven dirty chemicals that could make you seriously ill.

10 Celebrity Cancer Survivors Who Have Inspired Others

Cancer has no prejudice, striking down young and old, black and white, rich and poor alike. As such, it also strikes our cherished celebrities taking their lives in equal numbers.

17 Ways To Reduce Cancer Hazards

Although medical science is developing rapidly, cancer is still incurable. Checkout, which are the best ways to reduce substantial risks of cancer.

8 Common Signs Of Child Leukemia

The biggest cause of cancer deaths in children is leukemia cancer. How can you recognize if your child has leukemia? Here are the eight warning signs of child leukemia.

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    Genetic Testing for Cancer – Why & How

    Genetic Testing is a type of research that is done to identify whether someone carriers the risk of attaining cancer. Through various analyses of the genes, chromosomes, proteins and carriers in a person’s body, it can be found whether the ...
  • Vaginal Cancer Symptoms

    Vaginal Cancer Symptoms

    In case you want to know the vaginal cancer symptoms, you should know that these affect about 2,000 women each year in the U.S. The truth is that the symptoms are quite vague which makes it difficult to diagnose the ...
  • Spinal Cancer Symptoms

    Spinal Cancer Symptoms

    Before thinking about the spinal cancer symptoms, you should know that it is a malignant tumor on or near the spinal cord. The most common symptom of the condition of back pain, but you may know that this is a ...
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  • changes in appearance due to cancer

    Ways to Deal with Changes in Appearance due to Cancer

    Cancer is a life threatening disease which must be cured as soon as it is diagnosed to avoid the multiplication of the cancerous cells and their spreading to neighboring organs as well. To do so, cancer patients have to undergo some tough and aggressive treatments which can not only take a toll on the mental […]

  • 7 Ways to Avoid Post-Chemotherapy Infections

    7 Ways to Avoid Post-Chemotherapy Infections

    Chemotherapy is a treatment which is used to kill cancerous cells but it also often tends to kill some of the neighboring healthy cells of the body. What this procedure does is that it reduces the healthy qualities of the immune system, thereby making it less effective against bodily infections. This also leads the patients […]

  • biological therapy for cancer

    Biological Therapy for the Treatment of Cancer

    What is Biological Therapy? Biological therapy is a kind of a therapy which is done by making use of living organisms or substances which have been derived from any living organism. Biological therapies exploit the natural ability of the immune system to kill off the cancerous cells and some of the common biological therapies used […]

  • devastating effects of liver cancer

    Ways to Reduce the Devastating Effects of Liver Cancer

    Liver cancer is a life-threatening disease which causes the liver to be damaged due to cancerous cells. The effects of liver cancer can be extremely devastating for anyone who is inflicted with it and these negative effects must be reduced in any case. Some of the common symptoms of liver cancer include swelling of the […]

  • t cells treat liver cancer

    How do T Cells Treat Liver Cancer

    Many studies done worldwide have recently proved that liver cancer (Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)) can be effectively treated by adoptive T-cell therapy. The researches basically expanded MHC-multimer-positive CD8+ T-cells for the GPC3 epitopes and created T-cell clones that were kept away from some active and particular T-cell receptors. The scientists found that when these clone T […]

  • autologous stem cell treatment

    Autologous Stem Cell Treatment: A Knowhow

    Your bone marrow like your blood contains stem cells; in fact most of the time the stem cells in your blood is actually from your bone marrow. The stem cells in the bone marrow are thus transformed into red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. All these components help to keep your body healthy […]

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