7 Biggest Cancer Causers In Your Cupboards

Seven dirty chemicals that could make you seriously ill.

10 Celebrity Cancer Survivors Who Have Inspired Others

Cancer has no prejudice, striking down young and old, black and white, rich and poor alike. As such, it also strikes our cherished celebrities taking their lives in equal numbers.

17 Ways To Reduce Cancer Hazards

Although medical science is developing rapidly, cancer is still incurable. Checkout, which are the best ways to reduce substantial risks of cancer.

8 Common Signs Of Child Leukemia

The biggest cause of cancer deaths in children is leukemia cancer. How can you recognize if your child has leukemia? Here are the eight warning signs of child leukemia.

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    Things to Know about Paraneoplastic Syndrome

    Not many people are aware of Paraneoplastic syndrome as it is a rare one that can occur due to cancer. When the immune system in a human body is considerably altered by neoplasm, it can result into Paraneoplastic syndrome. This ...
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    Top 5 Myths about Cancer

    Cancer is a word that leaves a vacuum in your mind – due to fear and unproven myths. There are plethora of old theories on how cancer starts and spreads, most of them are scientifically wrong but when you do ...
  • healthy lifestyle tips for childhood cancer survivor

    Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Childhood Cancer Survivor

    A well-planned healthy lifestyle can help to reduce potential health risks associated to those who have undergone cancer treatment in childhood. Metabolic syndrome is a major risk linked with childhood cancer survivors. If they don’t follow a careful healthy diet ...
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    Learn the Myths and Facts about Stomach Cancer

    When the cancer develops on the lining of the stomach, it is termed as stomach cancer or gastric cancer. The primary symptoms of stomach cancer include upper abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, and loss of appetite. In mature stages, the patient might show extreme weight loss, yellowish skin and experience frequent vomiting, with difficulty in swallowing, […]

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    Know about the Three Stages of Cervical Cancer

    Cervical cancer is fast emerging as a strong threat for women all over the world. Cervical cancer is a cancer that starts in the lower part of the uterus, also known as the uterine cervix. Before the cervical cancer stage, there is a pre cervical cancer stage. The cervical cancer also has a few stages […]

  • common factors that trigger childhood leukemia

    Common Factors that Trigger Childhood Leukemia

    Leukemia, the most common form of childhood cancer, accounts for almost 30% of the various cancers which is diagnosed in children below 15 years. It is cancer of where abnormal white blood cell is formed in the bone marrow and these cells quickly moves through the blood stream and destroys the healthy cells. It is […]

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