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Higher Cancer Risk For Those With Gum Disease

Gum disease, such as periodontis or gingivitis, is associated with increased concentrations of inflammatory markers in the blood. To explore the potential association between gum disease and cancer, Dr. Dominique Michaud, Imperial College London, UK, and colleagues began a study of male health professionals aged 40-75 years in 1986. Questionnaires were sent to the living […]

Risk Of Lung Cancer Doubles With Common Gene Disorder, No Exemption For Non Smokers

Mayo Clinic researchers have found that carrying a common genetic disorder doubles the risk of developing lung cancer in smokers and nonsmokers. Researchers found that the genetic disorder, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (?1ATD), could explain up to about 12 percent of lung cancer patients in this study and likely represents the same widespread risk in the […]

Tests To Identify Larynx Cancer!

Tests To Identify Larynx Cancer!

The larynx cancer is also called as laryngeal cancer. Any part of your larynx can be affected. Glottis is the place where larynx cancer begins. The cells that line larynx inner walls are called as squamous cells. The laryngeal cancer begins in the squamous cells, so the cancer is called as squamous cell carcinoma. The […]

Chronic Exposure To Sun's Rays Can Cause Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

Chronic Exposure To Sun’s Rays Can Cause Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

If you are exposed to the sun’s rays that are chronic, then squamous cell skin cancer can occur. Tumors can be found on your sun-exposed neck, hands, bald scalp, face, arms, back and shoulders. The lower lip and ear rim are mostly affected by this cancer. The squamous cell skin cancer also occurs when you […]

Know The Risk Factors Of Melanoma Skin Cancer!

Are you at risk of melanoma skin cancer? Melanoma skin cancer should be treated immediately; otherwise it can lead to death. Melanoma is originated from the melanocytes cells which are a malignant tumor. These cells are responsible for the production of the melanin pigment that gives color to the hair, eyes and skin. Risk for […]

Breast Cancer In Your Family? Are You At Risk?

Breast Cancer In Your Family? Are You At Risk?

Find more about breast cancer, history of breast cancer and if you are at risk for the disease or not. As you all know, breast cancer is a cancer of the breast tissue. This is a devastating disease taking several lives of wives, sisters and mothers, your loved ones or people whom you know either […]

Children Are At Higher Risk For Lymphoma Cancer!

Children Are At Higher Risk For Lymphoma Cancer!

If your child is affected by lymphoma cancer, you can treat it by certain methods which are discussed here. Lymphoma means cancer that originated from lymphatic tissue. In United States, 1,700 children less than 20 years are affected with lymphoma cancer. Based on the appearance of the cancerous cells, the lymphoma cancer is of two […]

Retinoblastoma –The Most Common Problem In Children!

Is your child facing the problem of retinoblastoma? Some information about this problem is discussed here. You can able to know how to cure it by following certain methods of treatment. Children are mostly affected by the retinoblastoma. In UK, every year 40 cases diagnosed are having retinoblastoma. It occurs in children of 5 years. […]