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Study Links Strong Bones To Increased Breast Cancer Risk

A new study links having strong bones to an elevated risk of breast cancer. At first blush, that seems to put women in a bind: tumor if you do, fracture if you don’t. The temptation to punch a wall in frustration is totally understandable. But you certainly shouldn’t be misled by these results into believing […]

How To Identify Brain Cancer Symptoms To Prevent The Spread Of Malignant Tumors?

As we all know, cancer is mainly caused due to abnormal growth of cells in our body. When this abnormal or cancerous growth of cells is confined to brain, it is considered as brain cancer. So, according to the size and location of these cancerous cells, brain cancer symptoms vary significantly. Brain tumors mainly obstruct […]

Study: New Drug Helps In Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer

Scientists are claiming to have made a major breakthrough in the fight against prostate cancer with a new pill that shrinks tumors. The new drug, abiraterone, could be used to treat up to 80 percent of patients with an aggressive form of prostate cancer, which almost always proves fatal. The pill has been shown to […]

Be Cautious With Uterus Cancer That Mainly Affects Your Reproductive System!

Uterus plays the most critical role in woman’s reproductive system. Any abnormal growth in the lining of the uterus can possibly leads to uterus cancer, which can probably ruin your precious life. So, to avoid all complications of your uterus, try to know more about it and be more conscious about your overall health. Uterus […]

Possible Link Found Between X-rays And Prostate Cancer

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have shown an association between certain past diagnostic radiation procedures and an increased risk of young-onset prostate cancer – a rare form of prostate cancer which affects about 10 per cent of all men diagnosed with the disease. The study, the first of its kind to report the relationship […]

Are You At Increased Risk To Develop Throat Cancer Symptoms? Effective Ways To Prevent Them!

Did you recently notice any pale lump inside your mouth? Does it seem like anything which you have never seen before? Or do you feel that you are at increased risk of developing throat cancer? This sort of pale lump inside your mouth that doesn’t seem to heal quickly can be a throat cancer symptom. […]

Nanoparticle Stops Cancer From Spreading

California researchers say they have developed molecular “smart bombs” that stop pancreatic and kidney cancer from spreading in mice while causing fewer side effects and damage to healthy surrounding tissues than traditional chemotherapy. A team from the University of California, San Diego, designed a “nanoparticle” anti-cancer drug delivery system that zooms in on a protein […]

Prostate Cancer Drugs No Help For Some Older Men

A prostate cancer study that could change practice found that widely used hormone-blocking drugs did not improve survival chances for older men whose disease hadn’t spread. In fact, men given the drugs alone were slightly more likely to die of prostate cancer during the next six years than men who’d gotten medical monitoring but no […]