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Do You Recognize The Signs Of Stomach Cancer? Identify It In Early Stages To Avoid Complications!

Do you know what can increase your risk of stomach cancer? No one knows the exact cause of stomach cancer. But, many doctors believe that people who consume more amounts of smoked, salted or pickled foods are at increased risk of developing stomach cancer. Is it possible to avoid advanced stages of stomach cancer? Stomach […]

Circulating Tumor Cells Can Reveal Genetic Signature Of Dangerous Lung Cancers

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators have shown that an MGH-developed, microchip-based device that detects and analyzes tumor cells in the bloodstream can be used to determine the genetic signature of lung tumors, allowing identification of those appropriate for targeted treatment and monitoring genetic changes that occur during therapy. CTCs or circulating tumor cells are living […]

Identify Early Signs Of Skin Cancer To Avoid Further Complications!

Whenever your skin is exposed to harmful rays of sun, it can cause the most irritating skin cancer. The early signs of skin cancer can primarily change the texture of your skin that mainly results in growth or irritation on your skin. Where do the signs of skin cancer primarily appear? Apart from the sun […]

New Surgery Eases the Toll Of Breast Cancer

Surgeons are increasingly offering an added benefit to their breast-cancer patients: removing the tumor and cosmetically repairing the breast at the same time. Women with breast cancer traditionally would see a cancer surgeon to have the diseased tissue removed and later see a plastic surgeon for reconstruction. Now, more cancer surgeons are getting trained in […]