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Hormone Therapy May Speed Prostate Cancer

Hormone therapy, the most common treatment for advanced prostate cancer, can boomerang to make the cancer more deadly, mouse studies suggest. The finding “may revolutionize the way we combat prostate cancer,” suggest University of Rochester researchers Chawnshang Chang, PhD, Edward M. Messing, MD, and colleagues. It’s well known that male sex hormones promote the growth […]

Alcohol Detox Helps Head And Neck Cancer Patients

Early recognition and treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome can improve the outcomes of patients with head and neck cancer, researchers report in the Archives of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. The alcohol withdrawal syndrome includes several symptoms seen in persons who stop drinking alcohol after continuous and heavy use. Milder forms of the syndrome include […]

Is There Any Relation Between Fibrocystic Breast Disease And Breast Cancer?

Do you have fibrocystic breast condition? Is it true that fibrocystic breast disease increases the risk of breast cancer? Most of you might be in a wrong thought that fibrocystic breast condition can increase your breast cancer risk. But, this condition of lumpy breast doesn’t increase your risk of breast cancer. So, if you really […]

Positive Thinking May Protect Against Breast Cancer

Feelings of happiness and optimism play a positive role against breast cancer. Research published in the open access journal BMC Cancer suggests that while staying positive has a protective role, adverse life events such as the loss of a parent or close relative, divorce or the loss of a spouse can increase a woman’s risk […]

Simple Bowel Cancer Test Spots Deadliest Tumors

British scientists say a simple bowel cancer test could save thousands of lives by spotting the deadliest tumors. They say patients who are most likely to develop a more virulent strain of the disease could be identified by a test which looks for a marker stem cell protein called Lamin A. Lamin A pinpoints aggressive […]

Be Familiar With Various Treatment Options Available For Cervical Cancer!

Many of you with cervical cancer certainly want to know about various treatment options available for treating cervical cancer. However, shock and stress that you experience after the diagnosis of your disease can make it hard for you to think about treatment options and asking certain questions to your doctor regarding cervical cancer. So, never […]

Radiation Can Zap Cancer That Has Spread

Precisely targeted radiation therapy can eradicate tumors that have spread to other parts of the body, offering more months or years of life to patients who have no other options, U.S. researchers reported on Wednesday. They said new radiation techniques can attack metastases — tumors that have spread — one by one. Experiments in 29 […]

Experimental Chemotherapy Regimen Shows Promise In Treating Advanced Lung Cancer

A combination of chemotherapy agents that have been tested in other tumor types appears to be a promising alternative to standard treatment for advanced non-small cell lung cancer, according to a report. In a phase II multicenter study of 56 patients with an advanced form of this common lung cancer, endpoints including response rate, progression-free […]