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Treatments Used For Controlling Cancer Pain!

Do you know how to manage cancer pain? Having cancer doesn’t essentially mean that you have to live with that disgusting pain. Cancer and certain treatments that are used to cure cancer can certainly cause pain for you. But, the good news is managing cancer pain is not inevitable. It is quite possible to manage […]

Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction And The Prostate

Prostate cancer is the leading malignancy in American men and causes more than 60,000 deaths annually. Treatment of prostate cancer with either surgery, radiation therapy, cryotherapy or medical treatment is associated with significant life altering morbidity. Both incontinence and erectile dysfunction (ED) are too often sequel of these treatment alternatives. ED can be a significant […]

What 9 Types of Men Should Do About Prostate Cancer Screening?

Screening for early signs of cancer may seem like a no-brainer. Screening can catch tumors at an early stage, but research also shows that screening doesn’t consistently extend life span, and it can lead to aggressive and unnecessary follow-up tests or treatments that can leave men incontinent and impotent. Some doctors even believe that for […]

Is There Any Link Between Breast Cancer Treatment And Premature Menopause?

—-Find out the relation between breast cancer treatment and early menopause! Are you undergoing breast cancer treatment? More often, it is believed that breast cancer treatment usually makes you to experience menopause ahead of time. When you are undergoing hormone replacement therapy or chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment, you can probably experience various symptoms of […]