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Excess Tobacco And Alcohol Consumption Triggers Oral Cancer

Do you smoke a lot? Besides the link between smoking and heart disease, cancer and stroke, smoking also causes various oral health problems like bad breath and tooth discoloration, including oral cancer. It is quite scary to think that almost 31,000 people every year are diagnosed with oral cancers and that almost 90% of these […]

Fertility Drugs Increase Cancer Risk

DRUGS designed to induce ovulation seem to have increased the risk of uterine cancer in a group of women who were treated with them over 30 years ago. The number of women who developed the disease after taking the drugs was small. But according to Louise Brinton at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, […]

Selenium May Prevent High Risk-Bladder Cancer

A study suggests that selenium, a trace mineral found in grains, nuts and meats, may aid in the prevention of high-risk bladder cancer. Researchers from Dartmouth Medical School compared selenium levels in 767 individuals newly diagnosed with bladder cancer to the levels of 1,108 individuals from the general population. Findings showed an inverse association between […]

Diet Tips To Follow After Gastrectomy For Stomach Cancer

Have you undergone gastrectomy for stomach cancer? If you have undergone any sort of surgery, it is quite common to experience a few unwanted side-effects such as vomiting, weight loss, and diarrhea as well as a few nutritional deficiencies.  Usually, the main reason for these side-effects can be eating more than usual or following an […]

PET Scan Proves Effective For Cancer Detection, Management

Positron Emission Tomography is a powerful tool for cancer detection and management. Developed more than 30 years ago, PET is a type of nuclear imaging that uses radioactive glucose to pinpoint a diseased tumor. While X-rays and CT scans provide information about the way organs or tissues look, a PET scan shows what the cells […]

4 Simple Strategies To Prevent Cervical Cancer

Since the most common form of cancer in women is cervical cancer, it is essential for you to learn more about it and be aware of preventative measures. If you successfully prevent HPV infection, you will certainly be able to reduce your chances of developing cervical cancer. When exposed to the HPV virus, your immune […]