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Hair Dyes Not Linked To Multiple Myeloma Risk

According to new US study, even for decades, women who’ve used hair dyes do not seem to have inclined risk of multiple myeloma, a cancer in which malignant or cancerous plasma cells accumulate in bone marrow. In recent years, some studies have tied use of hair dyes, particularly older formulations used before 1980s, to an […]

Diet Major Factor In Fighting Prostate Cancer

PSA, prostate-specific antigen, is used by physicians as an indicator of the level of risk of prostate cancer in men as well as inflammation of the prostate known as prostatitis. Basically the larger the PSA number the more risk there is of a man suffering one of these two ailments. They measure how fast it […]

Early Uterine Cancer Diagnosis Possible With New Findings

According to the research carried out in University of Gothenburg, Sweden, a gene has now identified that may simplify future diagnosis of the uterine cancer in women. Uterine cancer is most common form of gynecological malignancy in west. Cancer is a genetic disease that takes place when there is change in genes that regulates cell […]

Regular Intake Of Cured Meats Tied To Greater Risk Of Childhood Leukemia

A new study suggests that children who regularly eat cured meats like hot dogs and bacons are at greater risk of developing leukemia, whereas foods like soy products and vegetables may be effective to protect against cancer. Researchers found that among 515 Taiwanese teenagers and also children those who regularly eat fish and cured meats […]

Ovary Removal May Not Be Essential In Endometrial Cancer

According to new study, younger women with initial stages of endometrial cancer need not go for ovary removal and lose their ovaries as a result of cancer treatment. Studies till date have found no difference between survival rate for five years in women who’ve lost their ovaries or those who did not for endometrial cancer […]

Simple Ways For Women To Avoid Cancer

Do you know making simple lifestyle changes can help women reduce chances of cancer? With the increase in the rate of cancer patients, especially women, it is not predictable that who can get cancer. So, it becomes very essential for you to adopt few changes in your lifestyle to avoid cancer in all possible ways. […]

Frequent Sex And Masturbation In 20’s And 30’s Linked To Higher Prostate Cancer Risk

According to study, men who are sexually active in their 20ís and 30ís are more susceptible to develop prostate cancer, particularly if they practice frequent sex or masturbate very often. Nevertheless, the research team of UK has also found that men who are sexually active in their 40ís have very little effect of prostate cancer […]

Most Male Cancer Deaths Linked To Smoking

According to recent study, the link between tobacco smoke and cancer deaths has been strengthened and suggests that increased smoking control efforts can save more lives than previously estimated. It has been estimated that almost 70% of cancer deaths among adult men is due to smoking and the percentage is much higher than previous estimate […]