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Does Daily Intake Of Calcium Reduce Cancer Risk?

Several studies have inferred that people consuming diary products and calcium in large amounts have almost a 16 percent reduced risk of developing colorectal cancer. These studies have given rise to a multitude of debates on figuring out calcium’s potential to fight carcinogenic growth in the human body. In women, calcium intake has reported to […]

How To Detect Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer?

Women have two ovaries each attached to a fallopian tube and on each side of the uterus more commonly known as the womb. When a malignant tumor grows on any of these organs the condition is termed ovarian cancer [signs of ovarian cancer]. Malignant means the tumor is active and highly cancerous that is rapidly […]

Is Breast Cancer Evolving More Slowly?

According to breast cancer researchers, the types of breast cancer, which are being detected by screening, has changed over the past decades. There seem to be more cases of slow-growing tumours and oestrogen-receptor positive cancers nowadays than in the past. This could depend from various factors, including the fact that with the improved screening methods […]

How Chemotherapy Works Effectively For Bladder Cancer?

There are mainly two types of bladder cancer [bladder cancer symptoms] known to date and a few other rare types that are still under investigation. The most common being transitional cell bladder cancer {TCC} as nearly all cancer starts in the transitional cells, which are found on the lining of the bladder. These cancers are […]

Genetic Testing For Thyroid Cancer

There are four different kinds of thyroid cancer that is papillary cancer, which accounts for 90% of all thyroid cancers, anaplastic, medullary, and follicular thyroid cancer, which jointly constitute the remaining 10% of all cases. As is illustrated by the figures papillary thyroid cancer is the most common and is generally not fatal for people […]

Obesity Is A Major Cause Of Cancer

In a research study into the causes for cancer, experts have discovered a definite connection between obesity and several types of cancer, notably cancer of the uterus, oesophagus and gall bladder cancer, as well as other types of cancer. The major problem today lies in the difficulty in losing weight, in a society that is […]

Foods That Fight Against Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a disease or neoplasm that occurs on the lower uterus better known as the cervical area. The growth is more often malignant than benign which means it is cancerous and may spread to other regions of the reproductive system. Researchers are working, with some success, on proving the theory that a healthy […]

Detection Of Oral Cancer In Children

Oral cancer is the common name for pharyngeal cancer.This type affects the oral cavity and tissues normally affected are the lips, tongue, cheeks, pharynx and the soft palate. If detection and treatment is delayed, the cancer cells can spread to other areas and infect them as well. This may include sensitive areas such as the […]