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Cancer Survivors Lack Medical Care

In a study by the American Association for Cancer Research on Science of Health Care Disparities it was reported that nearly one million patients who had survived cancer were significantly neglecting medical care due to expense. Most of these patients postpone their general medical and dental care or medical prescriptions, because they simply cannot afford […]

Britian Finally Decides About Kidney Cancer Drugs

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has finally reached the decision to recommend the use of ‘Sutent’ as a HE kidney cancer drug, but has rejected Nexavar, Torisel and Avastin. This new guidance will substitute the Health Minister’s temporary decision, which had allowed all four of the kidney cancer drugs to benefit […]

Alcohol Consumption And Endometrial Cancer Risk

Endometrial cancer is the type that affects the uterine lining. It is the most common type of cancer affecting the female reproductive system and makes up not less than 5% of cancers found in females. Endometrial cancer has been shown to be influenced greatly by hormonal factors, particularly the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. Low […]