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doctor informing cancer

Your Feelings When You Are Told You Have Cancer

A multitude of emotions may assail you at the time when you are told the tragic news of having cancer. You may greet the news with an instinctive denial – there is some mistake or that reports mistakenly got swapped; I cannot have cancer! A gut instinct of denial and rejection may be your first […]

malignant skin cancer

Mole Or Malignancy – How To Tell One From The Other

This article offers useful insight into harmless skin moles and dangerous and malignant skin cancers and tells you how to differentiate between a harmless mole and a malignant skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer in the United States, with one in five Americans expected to develop it at some state […]

Bladder Cancer Survival Rates: Getting Lower Or Higher?

Bladder Cancer Survival Rates: Getting Lower Or Higher?

Bladder cancer survival rates show the percentage rate of people diagnosed with bladder cancer and have survived in a span of 5 to 10 years regardless if they are already cured, still undergoing treatment or even if the cancer has recurred. The table below will show you the percentage of bladder cancer survival rates based […]

lung cancer

Understanding Squamous Cell Lung Cancer

Lung cancer affects men and women all over the world. There are many types of lung cancer and one of them is the squamous cell lung cancer. Research proves that approximately 30% of lung cancer cases fall under this type. However, the introduction of filtered cigarettes in the market made it a rare case nowadays. […]

Cancer Cells

New Approach To Killing Cancer Cells

The reason that cancers are so dangerous, so harmful for the body and also so difficult to get rid of is the fact that cancer cells are different from normal cells. According to researcher Weihang Chai of the Washington State University School of Molecular Biosciences, cancer cells can divide forever and live forever. Whereas other cells […]

olive oil

What Are The Benefits Of Fish Oil/Olive Oil In Preventing Cancer?

Fish oil is known to be good for a number of different things, from having a healthy heart to preventing memory loss. Now research is showing that fish oil may also cut risk of developing breast cancer. It was seen that women who had no history of breast cancer who took fish oil supplements cut […]

The Dangers Of Having Cancer Of The Tongue

The Dangers Of Having Cancer Of The Tongue

Head and neck cancer is very common and one of its types is the cancer of the tongue. It is a curable disease when discovered at its early stage but when two thirds of the tongue is already affected, it will already fall under oral tongue cancer and eventually lead to throat cancer. People who […]

radiation therapy

Is Radiation Therapy Acceptable For Women With Breast Cancer?

Two years ago, almost 240,000 women in the United States have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The numbers have declined because women are now more aware of their risks to breast cancer and several treatment options are developed. One of these treatments is radiation for breast cancer. Radiation for breast cancer uses a specialized machine […]