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vegetables for lung cancer

Veggies To Prevent Lung Cancer?

A new study with a nine year follow up has shown that those smokers who have the greatest variety of fruit and vegetables in their diet cut their risk of lung cancer by 23%. Each type of fruit and vegetable that the smokers consumed was seen to cut their risk of getting lung cancer by […]

Diagnosis And Treatments For Invasive Bladder Cancer

Diagnosis And Treatments For Invasive Bladder Cancer

Anybody can have invasive bladder cancer. Regardless of your age, gender, race, or status in life, you are not immune to this ailment. Studies show that almost 40% of people die because of cancer cells. These cells can be triggered by abnormalities that occur in the body due to environmental and lifestyle factors. These may […]

lung cancer chemotherapy

What Is Lung Cancer Chemotherapy?

While there is no definite cure yet for cancer, chemotherapy has been proven to be effective in arresting the growth of cancer cells in the body.† Among these kinds of cancer chemotherapy may be best administered is that of the lungs. Lung cancer chemotherapy may be given to a patient at any stage of the […]

diet and cancer

Healthy Diet And Cancer Awareness: Your Ultimate Weapon

It has always been said that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. For several decades now, no disease has drawn so much attention and more researches conducted than cancer. To date, no definite cure has been developed and advancements in technology can only prevent the progress of cancer in the […]


Watercress For Protection Against Cancer

Watercress has cancer fighting properties, found scientists at Southampton University and it hence joins the list of foods that are known to have certain special properties. Researchers found that water cress has cancer fighting properties; that watercress extract inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells and also helps fight against the recurrence of the disease. […]

male breast cancer

Male Breast Cancer – Some Facts

While breast cancer is largely seen to occur in women, it is not unheard of for men to have it too. There are some facts and figures about male breast cancer: Though male breast cancer is rare, 1% of all breast cancer cases are found to be among men. A man’s lifetime risk of developing […]

cancer treatment cost

Determining Cancer Treatment Cost

Cancer is a rich manís disease. Anybody who gets afflicted with it is faced with the reality that medication and surgery entails a lot of expenses. Even in highly industrialized countries like the United States, cancer treatment cost has increased because of the introduction of new drugs and technology. The more advanced the drugs administered, […]

throat cancer

Michael Douglasí Diagnosis Focuses Attention On Throat Cancer

Among celebrities diagnosed with cancer, the most recent news is that about Michael Douglasí diagnosis of throat cancer, which the star is hopeful he will be able to overcome. Early diagnosis, is the key to curing this condition and the early symptoms to watch out of are Persistent, recurrent or chronic cough or sore throat […]