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cancer disease

Cancer Disease: Types, Symptoms, And Treatments

The cancer disease is one of the major, if not the leading cause of death in our world today. Everyday there are thousands of new cases from all parts of the globe, and withstanding millions who are infected of either new or recurring cancer. Cancer disease is basically human cells that go rogue, and do […]

vaccine to prevent cancer

A Tumor to Kill Cancer?

A novel approach to cancer treatment has been developed recently – creating a personalized vaccine to help prevent cancer. This approach is said to help by enabling patients with colorectal cancer to develop an immune response to their own cancers. The procedure was tested at Dartmouth, wherein a dendritic cell (DC) vaccine was used after […]

breast cancer walk

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Join Breast Cancer Walk

Did you know that treatments for breast cancer are very expensive that some patients can no longer afford them? Even the survival rate for breast cancer decreased because many can’t afford the treatments designed to help cure it. In order to address this problem, more and more breast cancer organizations come up with ways and […]

cancer vaccine

Anal Cancer Vaccine On Anvil

An application made to the FDA advisory committee by Merck & Co.’s to expand the use of its vaccine Gardasil for the prevention of anal cancer in young men and women has been approved. This drug is already approved as being an effective vaccine against genital warts and cervical cancer. A vaccine for anal cancer […]

Ductal Breast Cancer Prevention Techniques

Ductal Breast Cancer Prevention Techniques

Cancers that originate because of multiplication of tumor cells in the milk ducts of females are termed as ductal breast cancer. This is a very common type of cancer affecting a large number of women around the world. There are techniques invented which can prevent the spread of the tumor cells, but they highly depend […]

non hodgkins lymphoma

Helping Patients Deal With Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

There are hundreds of different kinds of cancers that are present today. The fact is that cancer can kill and has victimized millions of people worldwide. One cancer feared today is known as non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma is derived from abnormal lymphocytes that do not tend to follow its normal life cycle in […]

radiation therapy

New Radiation Therapy For Prostate Cancer

Impotence and incontinence are frequently the unfortunate consequences of prostate cancer treatment that typically involves radiotherapy and surgery. This is because there are chances that the healthy tissue adjoining the tumor could also become damaged in the process of attacking the tumor and many patients fear the treatment because of this. Now however a new […]

Save Lives Through Breast Cancer Awareness

Save Lives Through Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women in the world today. In order to fight the alarming number of deaths caused by this dreaded disease, local government and non-government organizations came up with breast cancer awareness programs to inform the people about it. These programs are supported and participated in […]