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secondary cancer

Secondary Cancer – Origin And Treatments

One of the most deadly diseases today has some sort of relation with cancer or anything like it. It is one of the reasons of millions of deaths all over the world. In reality, cancer patients are not only limited to individuals at an older age, but also affect those who are young. Cancer does […]

jellyfish cells

Jellyfish Cells To Help Identify Cancer!

Scientists from the Yorkshire Cancer Research Laboratory at York University have found a unique use for the luminous cells of a jellyfish. The green fluorescent protein found in jellyfish makes them glow in the dark could help detect cancers deep within the body. This protein, found the researchers, can be targeted at cancer cells so […]

Fighting Colon Cancer Stage 4

Fighting Colon Cancer Stage 4

Cancer comes in different forms, types and stages. It can attack anyone regardless of age, gender or race. Of these types, colon cancer is common among those over the age of 60 and follows a diet that has less fiber content. Considered as a lifestyle disease, it can be treated if detected early and you […]