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Smokers Pay No Heed to Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels

Health officials and authorities hoped that they would be able to curb smoking by putting graphic pictures on cigarette packets, which warn of the terrible consequence of smoking. However, images such as a young girl having a coughing fit from smoke, a woman dying of lung cancer as a result of smoking, and a body […]

sinus cancer

Conventional Treatments For Sinus Cancer

Sinus cancer is not a common type of cancer and it occurs because of thick mucus in the cavity and can be generated from the mucus bone around the nasal area as well. By stating that this type of cancer is uncommon does not mean sinus cancer treatment is not complicated. Cancer is a deadly […]


Smoking Worsens Cancer Pain, Say Researchers

When cancer is detected in a person who smokes, the first thing they are told is to give up their habit for a number of obvious reasons. And now there is one more reason to give up smoking when cancer is diagnosed – smoking can worsen cancer pain, according to a new study. Different kinds […]

robotic prostate surgery

Robotic Prostate Surgery – A Breakthrough in Prostate Cancer

The cases of prostate cancer grow daily by the hundreds. Studies have shown that African-Americans are more prone to this, but this does not mean that everyone else is safe or immune from this disease. The cause of prostate cancer is due to the fact that cancer cells form in the prostate gland or nearby […]

folic acid fortification

Folic Acid and Ovarian Cancer Screening – How Do They Affect Cancer Risk?

Ovarian cancer is often known as a silent killer since it can be difficult to detect it in the early stages (less than 20% of ovarian cancers are detected in the early stage before it has spread outside the ovary). And recent news about ovarian cancer is not heartening in that according to researchers at […]

gene breast cancer

Gene Breast Cancer Among Women

Females, who have a family history of breast cancer, should be very careful as they are prone to gene breast cancer. Genes BCRA1 and BCRA2 are the ones responsible for this transfusion. It is very common for women to acquire breast cancer especially if it is in their bloodline. The genes named above are present […]

cancer sufferers

Drug to Increase Healthy Years for Cancer Sufferers

A new discovery holds out hope that patients with a certain kind of cancer may be able to lead longer, healthier lives – those who have follicular lymphoma may benefit from the use of the drug rituximab, which doctors say will increase the number of years they will remain healthy. If the drug is taken […]

cancer therapies

Cancer Therapies: The Early Defence Against Cancer

Cancer therapies are called by its various names: “molecularly targeted drugs” or “molecularly targeted therapies”.  These are drugs or other substances whose primary function is to arrest the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body. These drugs interfere with specific molecules responsible for the growth and progression of the tumor. Advantages of cancer […]