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brain cancer risk

Cell Phones may Rise Brain Cancer Risk

Cell phones raise the risk of brain cancer by 25%. Radiation pulses of cell phones might actually be addictive to human brains. Cell phone users are three times at greater risk of developing brain cancer when compared to persons who are not using cell phones among which children are greater risk when compared to adults. […]

prostate cancer genetic code

Cancer Research and Development that Could Mean Fresh Hope for Sufferers

There has been a significant breakthrough that could hold out hope for those that suffer from the commonest of male cancers, prostate cancer – the genetic code of prostate cancer has been cracked by scientists, and this could well transform the way the disease is treated. This will hopefully enable treatments to be prescribed based […]

symptoms of leukoplakia

Symptoms of Leukoplakia – A Condition Leading to Mouth Cancer

Leukoplakia is a condition that can lead to growth of thick and white patches on your gums, bottom of the mouth, on the tongue, and inside of the cheek. Leukoplakia causes are still unknown, but usage of tobacco, mainly chewing tobacco is a significant risk factor. Heavy alcohol consumption can also lead to leukoplakia. Researchers […]

black labrador - the cancer sniffer

Innovative Cancer Screening Uses Labrador to Detect Bowel Cancer

In Japan, researchers have found that it is possible for a Labrador retriever to ‘sniff out’ cancer – bowel cancer was detected by a dog from breath and stool samples with a very high degree of accuracy. The dog trained to sniff out bowel cancer, was used by Hideto Sonoda at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, […]