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What Causes Brain Tumors

What Causes Brain Tumors and What Are the Risk Factors?

We do not fully understand what causes brain tumors. Though some of the causes and risk factors of this life threatening condition are known to us, it remains a largely enigmatic, deadly and difficult to treat disease. Doctors and clinicians have long tried to understand what causes brain tumors but as yet are not able […]

Top 6 Impactful Medical Technologies

Recent medical technologies help companies comply with new industry standards and government mandates. Although many well-known technological advances benefit the consumer electronics industry, the medical industry has quietly leveraged technology to manage costs, boost profitability and improve patient care. The advances in technology allows patients to have a more personalized experience, as they can check […]

Brain Tumor Prognosis

Brain Tumor Prognosis and Treatment Options

The diagnosis of a brain tumor can be a terrifying one. However the brain tumor prognosis and survival rates depend upon several factors such as malignancy or benignant, the progression or staging of the tumor, age of the sufferer and so on. Importance of malignancy and benignity in brain tumor prognosis The prognosis with a […]

Breast Implant and Cancer

Breast Implant and Cancer Detection

Complications arising from breast enlargement surgery are relatively uncommon, but the procedure is by no means without risk. One of the most pressing concerns of breast augmentation patients is cancer: not in the context of cancer developing from implants, but in respect to implants affecting the chances of cancer being detected. Thus, some prospective patients are […]

Symptoms of Leukemia

Understanding Risk factors and Symptoms of Leukemia

Leukemia is the disease of the blood or bone marrow that is characterized by an abnormal increase in white blood cells in the body. Causes of leukemia are not fully understood and no single known cause is thought to cause the disease, though DNA mutations are known to underlie this disease as much as any […]