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Malignant Brain Tumor

Malignant Brain Tumor – Symptoms and Survival Rates

A malignant brain tumor is different from a benign one in that it is cancerous, invasive and aggressive. Malignant tumors are faster growing and they invade surrounding tissues causing damage and deterioration. However unlike tumors at other locations, even benign tumors in the brain could cause problems and symptoms. The kind of symptoms that a […]

Liposuction Breast

Role of Liposuction Fats in Breast Reconstruction

A quarter million American women face breast cancer every year. A woman’s choice about breast surgery used to be very few. Now liposuction breast surgery is being done by using natural fat – grafting fat from liposuction to rebuild the breast area. Using liposuction tumescent surgery also gives you some great choices about cost and […]

Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer – What to Expect

If you are contemplating radiation therapy for breast cancer you know that the radiotherapy is an attempt to try and kill off cancer cells that could still linger even after surgical removal of a tumor. You are also likely to have some apprehensions about the treatment and about how well you will tolerate it. Apprehensions […]