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Breast Cancer Staging

Different Types of Breast Cancer Staging and How It Affects Prognosis

There are two principal methods of breast cancer staging. The first system of staging speaks of Stages 0 through IV which indicate the size and the invasiveness of the tumor and also whether the cancer is present in the lymph nodes or if it has spread to parts of the body other than the breast. […]

Lung Cancer Facts, Figures and Factors

Lung Cancer Facts, Figures & Factors (Infographic)

Lung is one of the vital organs of human body and it is more susceptible to damage by environmental pollution and behavioral activities like smoking. No surprise then that lung cancer causes more number of deaths than any other type of cancer. This infographic is an attempt to list out some important facts and stats […]

Metastatic Lung Cancer

Symptoms of Primary Lung Cancer and Metastatic Lung Cancer

Metastatic lung cancer is the kind of lung cancer that has originally started in the lung, and has metastasized from other parts of the body from the lungs. Difference between metastatic lung cancer and metastatic cancer to the lungs When cancer occurs elsewhere in the body it can get into the blood stream or the […]