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What Is Asbestos

What Is Asbestos?

Despite the fact that it was once a very commonly utilized material in building work (and remains in use to some degree), even to this day a lot of people still do not really know that much about asbestos including what it actually is. Essentially asbestos is a collection of silicate minerals which have […]

Types of Breast Cancer

Types of Breast Cancer and What They Mean

Breast cancer is not just one disease with one set of treatments and a set prognosis. Instead there are different types of breast cancer and their prognosis can depend upon their type, their invasiveness, how much they have progressed and so on. Breast cancers differ based on their nature, invasiveness, whether they recur or whether […]

Breast Cancer in Men

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men

We usually think of breast cancer as a female disease, and information on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer are also usually with regard to the cancer in women. However about 1% of all cases of breast cancer are in male and nearly 2000 cases of male breast cancer could be diagnosed each year. […]