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Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

Early Symptoms of Kidney Cancer and Risk Factors

Like a lot of cancers, kidney cancer diagnosis and detection can present a lot of challenges because the disease can show few or no symptoms during the early stages. Also since a lot of the symptoms are generic rather than specific and because they can vary greatly from person to person, indentifying the symptoms of […]

Metastatic Brain Cancer

What Is Metastatic Brain Cancer and What Are Its symptoms?

Metastatic brain cancer is secondary cancer that doesnít originate in the brain. It is the sort of cancer that is spread to the brain by the blood circulatory system of the body’s lymphatic system and is most often a result of breast, lung, colon and renal cancers that have migrated to the brain. Cancer that […]

Milk Thistle

The Milk Thistle

The milk thistle extract is considered to be a traditional remedy from ancient times. Many people use it for the protection of the liver against toxins and for treating a wide range of liver diseases. The plantís seeds contain a flavonoid substance called silymarin which is extracted by scientists for its key role in treating […]

Causes of Brain Cancer

Causes of Brain Cancer and Brain Tumors

Like all known cancers, the causes of brain cancer too are still something of a mystery to us. The occurrence of brain cancers and tumors appear to be so random and unpredictable that a pattern or reason seems hard to fathom. Before looking at the causes of brain cancer and their risk factors, letís look […]