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Understanding the Mechanics of Metastasis

Simply put, Metastasis is the spread of a cancer. Metastasis is a Greek word that means displacement and this kind of displacement occurs with regard to infections as well as cancers within the body. Metastatic cancer is that which would have originated in one organ of the body and then spread to another organ, either […]

Palliative Care In Cancer

How Alternative Therapies Can Help with Palliative Care in Cancer

It is often the case that the cancer itself scares a person, but equally the treatment for the disease, its side effects and the impacts it can have on one’s life can cause apprehension. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation; the most commonly used treatments for cancer can cause very significant distress and for this reason the […]

Skin Cancer

Recent Developments and Studies Regarding Skin Cancer

As one of the most common types of cancer, skin cancer is the subject matter of constant research and study. This is important not only for early detection and timely and effective treatment of the disease but also to understand the risk factors for skin cancer to try and prevent the disease from occurring. We […]