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When Should A Female Get A Colonoscopy?

What is Colonoscopy? Colonoscopy is a test which allows a doctor to look at the large intestine’s inner lining by making use of a flexible and thin tube which is called colonoscope.  Colonoscopy treatment helps in locating or finding colon polyps, ulcers and tumors. During the process of colonoscopy, samples of tissues are collected and […]

Prevent Cervical Cancer

Food That Help to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Among many other prevention methods of cervical cancer, one of the best ways is to make certain dietary changes.  By eating some particular foods like fruits and vegetables, the risk of development of cervical cancer can be greatly reduced.  What happens is that most cases of cervical cancer are caused due to infection of Human […]

Exercise Prevent Breast Cancer

Can Daily Exercise Prevent Breast Cancer?

For years, many doctors and health specialists have linked lower breast cancer rate with regular daily exercising and moderate physical workout.  So hence it is true that daily exercising can help prevent breast cancer. There are studies which have been conducted by splitting women in two groups.   While one group was asked to complete a […]

side effects of brain cancer treatment

Side Effects of Brain Cancer Treatment

Brain cancer treatment is a complex process which may result in many side effects and after affects.  The side effects generally vary with the treatment plan for example the side effects of surgery may be different from the side effects of chemotherapy.  The side effects also depend upon the overall health status of the patient.  […]

BCG Therapy For Bladder Cancer

BCG Therapy for Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is basically the cancer which affects the urinary bladder in a person and is a condition in which the abnormal cells tend to multiply in the bladder uncontrollably.  One way to know that you are suffering from Bladder cancer is by spotting blood in the urine. Another symptom of bladder cancer is hematuria. […]