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Support Your Spouse With Cancer

5 Ways to Support Your Spouse With Cancer

Learning that your spouse has been diagnosed with cancer can be a very difficult thing for most people.  It is unexpected news which takes you by shock and is a situation where you need to support your spouse rather than get carried away and lose control over your emotions.  In such a tough situation, your […]

prevent hairloss after chemotherapy

3 Best Ways to Prevent Hair Loss after Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a term which is used to describe that treatment which is given to those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Chemotherapy can be considered as a drug treatment which kills the cancer cells and also kills some of the normal growing cells of the body.  One of the side effects of chemotherapy is […]

meal ideas for liver cancer

Healthy Meal Ideas for Liver Cancer Patients

Those suffering from liver cancer may not want to eat a lot and food may seem unappealing to them.   But eating right and eating in necessary amounts is very important for all liver cancer patients. A good and nutrition rich diet not only ensures proper weight but also provides immunity against the disease.  Every liver […]

Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer Among Children

Top 6 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer Among Children

If children are not provided sufficient protection, they can be very prone to suffer from skin diseases like skin cancer.  Skin cancer is not caused immediately but after several serious sunburns and thus if signs of skin burn or sun burn are identified soon, skin cancer can be prevented among children. So the following are […]

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing for Cancer – Why & How

Genetic Testing is a type of research that is done to identify whether someone carriers the risk of attaining cancer. Through various analyses of the genes, chromosomes, proteins and carriers in a person’s body, it can be found whether the person has cancer or poses the risk of attaining cancer in the future. There are […]