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Support A Child With Cancer

Learn How to Support a Child With Cancer

The news of cancer in any family can leave them shocked and devastated. Moreover when it is the child who is suffering, the mental pain and agony of the parents and other family members is very hard to understand. Cancer is not a fatal disease these days and many kinds of cancers are curable; but […]


How to Reduce the Risk of Recurring Breast Cancer

Most of the breast cancer survivors have the concern if the cancerous cells recur! The feeling that the body has suffered once and it cannot be trusted again for life time recovery is probably the most insecure feeling a breast cancer survivor has. The body has already underwent a vast treatment regime and now it […]

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Tips for Lifestyle Changes after Kidney Cancer

Once you have undergone the turbulence of kidney cancer, you must have already realized how much important it is to take care of all the body organs, which is only possible with correct diet, regular exercise and by following some positive norms of lifestyle. If you spend the rest of your life healthily, the chances […]

Alcohol Use and Liver Cancer

Some Facts and Information about Alcohol Use and Liver Cancer

Alcohol and liver damage is closely associated.  Alcohol intake in excessive amounts can trigger the deadly disease-liver cancer and  infact the highest number of liver cancer cases in the world are associated with excessive alcohol usage and abuse.   Thus, if you are a heavy drinker, you should start worrying about your liver health and know […]

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How to Gain Weight If You are a Cancer Patient

Cancer is a disease that invariably makes you lose weight; but on the other hand, the treatment of this disease requires you to have proper body weight and the strength to endure the harsh chemicals and therapies. The main difficulty lies here that the cancer treatment essentially reduces the appetite, and makes it really difficult […]