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changes in appearance due to cancer

Ways to Deal with Changes in Appearance due to Cancer

Cancer is a life threatening disease which must be cured as soon as it is diagnosed to avoid the multiplication of the cancerous cells and their spreading to neighboring organs as well. To do so, cancer patients have to undergo some tough and aggressive treatments which can not only take a toll on the mental […]

lung cancer treatment

Iodine Usage in Lung Cancer Treatment

If you have a tumor in either of your lungs or you have the bad habit of smoking often or if you have suffered from tuberculosis then chances are ripe that you will suffer from lung cancer. While doctors suggest that surgically removing the tumor from the lungs is the best way to guarantee a […]

7 Ways to Avoid Post-Chemotherapy Infections

7 Ways to Avoid Post-Chemotherapy Infections

Chemotherapy is a treatment which is used to kill cancerous cells but it also often tends to kill some of the neighboring healthy cells of the body. What this procedure does is that it reduces the healthy qualities of the immune system, thereby making it less effective against bodily infections. This also leads the patients […]

biological therapy for cancer

Biological Therapy for the Treatment of Cancer

What is Biological Therapy? Biological therapy is a kind of a therapy which is done by making use of living organisms or substances which have been derived from any living organism. Biological therapies exploit the natural ability of the immune system to kill off the cancerous cells and some of the common biological therapies used […]

devastating effects of liver cancer

Ways to Reduce the Devastating Effects of Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is a life-threatening disease which causes the liver to be damaged due to cancerous cells. The effects of liver cancer can be extremely devastating for anyone who is inflicted with it and these negative effects must be reduced in any case. Some of the common symptoms of liver cancer include swelling of the […]

humor therapy for cancer patients

Humor Therapy for Cancer Patients and its Positives

What is Humor Therapy? Humor therapy or laughter therapy is a kind of a therapy method which uses humor or laughter to promote overall wellbeing and improve health. It uses the natural physiological process of humor to alleviate stress and thus remove physical or mental discomfort. Humor Therapy for Cancer Patients Humor therapy is used […]