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Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery - What and How

Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery – What and How

Trans-oral Robotic Surgery -TORS is done with the help of a surgical robot. This type of surgery aims at the removal of a tumour within mouth or throat. TORS gives the surgeon an enhanced view of cancer and its surrounding tissue. The doctors’ use a robotic system to guide the surgery and the surgical tools […]

Foods to fight and deal with Brain Cancer

Foods to fight and deal with Brain Cancer

Addressing the proper kind of diet is one of the most important aspects for a person suffering from brain cancer. Good nourishment plays a vital role in fighting cancer and all types of illness. Both exercise and diet can enhance the survival rates and can even prevent cancer from returning. Here are some of the […]

stages of ovarian cancer

Know about the Stages of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer has some warning signs that should not be ignored like cramps that keep occurring and abnormal bleeding from vagina. Ovarian cancer particularly is tricky to diagnose but after diagnosis, depending on the stage, treatment is advised. The various stages and sub-stages of ovarian cancer are listed below – Stage 1 This is the […]

alternative treatments for mesothelioma cancer

Alternative Treatments for Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma cancer affects the membrane lining of many internal organs particularly lung and abdomen. This is a very serious form of cancer and has been no proven medicine for mesothelioma, however surgery, chemotherapy help to improve the condition. Since this is related to the membrane enclosing organs the types are divided by the area of […]

facts about duodenal cancer

Important Facts about Duodenal Cancer

Small intestine has three portions, duodenam, jejunam, and eilium. Duodenum is the first portion of the small intestine and when it is affected by cancer, it is called duodenal cancer. Since this cancer is relatively rare in nature, not many people have much knowledge about it. Thus, it remains an almost unknown condition and thus […]

can tattoos cause skin cancer

Can Tattoos Cause Skin Cancer?

Tattoos are known as fashion statements worldwide. A lot of people gets themselves tattooed where a few needles are used to draw a design on the skin by using inks. But it has been also claimed that this ink can cause a lot of problems and even skin cancer, thus many people prefer to stay […]

anaplastic thyroid cancer

Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Anaplastic thyroid cancer or carcinoma is considered as the most aggressive, but a rare form of cancer. It affects the thyroid gland and is prevalent among the age group over 60. The real cause behind this invasive type of thyroid cancer is still a challenge for the researchers in medicine. Of all thyroid cancers only […]

know about the types of brain cancer

Know about the Types of Brain Cancer

Man has reached Mars, but is still struggling to find a cure for the life taking disease cancer. The word Cancer brings down a cold shiver through your spine and if any one very close to you is diagnosed with cancer, the world just seems to shatter. To understand the disease in depth, it is […]