Breast Cancer Alternative Treatments That Can Save Your Life

Thanks to science there are now breast cancer alternative treatments that can help you increase your chances of recovering by improving your immune system and lowering the side effects that traditional treatment bring about.

They are designed to complement and not to completely replace the conventional ways of medicinal treatments for breast cancer.

Breast cancer treatments are very expensive and extremely painful. They also have side effects and disadvantages. Though some like chemotherapy and mastectomy proved to be effective, taking alternative treatments can make them even more effective.

Breast cancer alternative treatments


This is a well known Chinese alternative medical treatment used in many kinds of illnesses. It is also among the most common breast cancer alternative treatments.  Acupuncture helps in relieving pain and lowering the side effects of the medical treatments of breast cancer.

Energy Therapy

One of the most common breast cancer alternative treatments is energy therapy. It focuses on balancing the energy surrounding the body.

It is believed that balancing energy of the body promotes cell regeneration which is very beneficial to cancer patients. Researchers also found out that some of the breathing exercises of energy therapy can help improve the quality of life of the patient.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy includes tai chi and yoga as one of the effective breast cancer alternative treatments. A recent study about how yoga can affect breast cancer patients shows that habitual yoga can reduce fatigue, relieve stress, and fight pain.

Massage and Reflexology Therapy

One of the popular breast cancer alternative treatments is massage or reflexology therapy.

Researchers have concluded that many of the massage and reflexology therapies reduce the pain caused by cancer. They can also aid in the circulation of lymphatic fluid in the body.

Mind and Body Technique

Mind and body technique is also one of the effective breast cancer alternative treatments to consider. Studies have shown that a number of the mind and body technique such as hypnosis, imagery and meditation can help improve outcomes of medicinal treatments and help patients think positively despite their condition.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is also one of the breast cancer alternative treatments that a patient can undergo. This is basically a therapy based on the food you intake.

Researchers have shown that some antioxidants may help reduce the symptoms caused by cancer and slows the development of cancer cells in the body.

Pharmacological Therapy

This is one of the breast cancer alternative treatments sponsored by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. It focuses on using natural products such as herbs that will enhance the healing effect of medicinal treatments.

Spiritual Therapy

Among the breast cancer alternative treatments mentioned, spiritual therapy is the most common alternative that patients first undertake to help them cope up with their condition.

By praying help, you can boost your emotional and physical well being and in some way gives you encouragement to face your everyday struggles.

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