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risk of leukemia

Are you at a Risk of Leukemia?

Leukemia or leukaemia is a type of cancer that starts in the bone marrow and leads to excessively high numbers of malignant white blood cells. These underdeveloped white blood cells are known as blasts or leukemia cells. The primary symptoms of leukemia are abnormal bleeding and bruising disorders, excessive fatigue and tiredness, frequent infections […]

Bone Cancer Treatment

Treatment Options for Bone Cancer

Bone cancer, and particularly primary bone cancer is among the rarer kind of cancer and the location of this kind of cancer can require certain kind of treatment that may differ from treatments for other kinds of cancer. The treatment as well as survival rates of bone cancers depends upon several factors for non […]


Osteosarcoma Severe Pain and Swelling of the Bones

Osteosarcoma is a type of bone cancer, which is most common in young age groups. Severe pain and swelling in the bone region of various parts of your body such as legs, arms, etc. are some of the most common symptoms of osteosarcoma. Who are at a risk of osteosarcoma? Male teens are at greater […]

Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer The Main Types of Bone Cancer and Diagnosis

As skin cancer or cancers of the eye such as retinoblastoma can have certain visible symptoms and therefore relatively easier to diagnose, bone cancer can be rather difficult to diagnose. However bone cancers can be difficult to detect and diagnose since they may display symptoms such as pain and swelling, but in some cases not […]

Finding The Most Effective Bone Cancer Treatment

Finding The Most Effective Bone Cancer Treatment

Bone cancer is a rare disease. Normally there are other organs which are affected by cancer in which the tumor spreads to the bone tissue and other parts of the body. In bone cancer, the cancer cells develop and multiply in the bone itself. This unique characteristic of bone cancer makes it easier for doctors […]

Bone Cancer - Types And Symptoms

Bone Cancer – Types And Symptoms

Bone cancer is any abnormal growth in bones; referred to as neoplastic growths. These could either be benign or malignant and could be primary (those that originate in the bone which are less common) or secondary (those that originate elsewhere; metastases are a more common form of bone cancer). Secondary bone cancer, which is the […]

Radiotherapy Vs Chemotherapy In Bone Cancer

Radiotherapy Vs Chemotherapy In Bone Cancer

When signs or symptoms which may indicate the presence of a bone cancer (like the unexplainable pain in the bone) appear, a medical check up becomes imperative. The presence of the pain does not always mean that the person has bone cancer because the most frequent pain appears as a result of trauma or arthritis […]

Bone Cancer: Difficult To Diagnose And Treat

Bone Cancer: Difficult To Diagnose And Treat

Bone cancer is one of the most difficult types of cancer to diagnose, one of the most painful types you can have, and one that has a mixed response to treatment efforts. Bone cancer in many ways can be broken down into two types based on its origin, neither of which changes its prognosis considerably. […]