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Brain Cancer Signs and Symptoms in Women

10 Brain Cancer Signs and Symptoms in Women

Brain cancer is one of the most dreaded forms of cancer developed usually by the growth of a tumor in the brain of the patient. Women of any age can develop brain cancer and their symptoms vary depending on the type of brain tumor that exists and its location. Diagnosing brain cancer in the early […]

Types of Brain Cancer in Kids

9 Common Types of Brain Cancer in Kids

Brain cancer is a dreaded disease that causes tumors in the brain and brings untold suffering to the patient. There are many types of brain cancer, with some being very common among children. Here are the common types of brain cancer in kids: 1. Brain Stem Glioma Commonly occurring in children aged 3 to 10 […]

Brain Tumor Signs and Symptoms in Women

List of Brain Tumor Signs and Symptoms in Women

Though brain tumors affect adults and children alike, it is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among young women. The most common brain cancer in women is meningioma. In some cases where the tumor spreads to the skull, facial changes can be seen and is a clear sign of cancer. Here are some of the […]

Brain Tumor Side Effects After Surgery

What Are Brain Tumor Side Effects After Surgery

One of the common methods of dealing with brain tumors is the surgical removal of the tumor. There are two types of brain tumors that are encountered: Malignant tumor – one that contains cancerous cells which spread Benign tumor – one that does not contain cancerous cells and grows slowly Unlike malignant tumors, benign ones […]

Brain Cancer Surgery

Brain Cancer Surgery 101

Brain cancer surgery is among the most commonly used treatments for brain tumors. Brain surgery may be required even when the tumor is non cancerous because of the physical structure of the brain and the fact that it is encased within the skull – any type of tumor could place pressure on parts of the […]

Metastatic Brain Cancer

What Is Metastatic Brain Cancer and What Are Its symptoms?

Metastatic brain cancer is secondary cancer that doesn’t originate in the brain. It is the sort of cancer that is spread to the brain by the blood circulatory system of the body’s lymphatic system and is most often a result of breast, lung, colon and renal cancers that have migrated to the brain. Cancer that […]

Causes of Brain Cancer

Causes of Brain Cancer and Brain Tumors

Like all known cancers, the causes of brain cancer too are still something of a mystery to us. The occurrence of brain cancers and tumors appear to be so random and unpredictable that a pattern or reason seems hard to fathom. Before looking at the causes of brain cancer and their risk factors, let’s look […]

Brain Tumor Headaches

Recognizing and Treating Brain Tumor Headaches

Since a headache is one of the first and most common signs of brain tumor, it is important to find out and know more about brain tumor headaches. Headaches are commonly caused by stress, sleep problems, vision problems and many other reasons, but those that are caused by brain tumors can have certain features that […]