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Blood Clot in Brain

Blood Clot in Brain: What Are the Implications?

The idea of a blood clot in brain can sound serious to say the least and even terrifying if truth be told. Yet blood clots that form in the brain can vary in seriousness and in their possible consequences, upon their size and location. What causes a blood clot in brain to form? A blood […]

Malignant Brain Tumor

Malignant Brain Tumor Symptoms and Survival Rates

A malignant brain tumor is different from a benign one in that it is cancerous, invasive and aggressive. Malignant tumors are faster growing and they invade surrounding tissues causing damage and deterioration. However unlike tumors at other locations, even benign tumors in the brain could cause problems and symptoms. The kind of symptoms that a […]

What Causes Brain Tumors

What Causes Brain Tumors and What Are the Risk Factors?

We do not fully understand what causes brain tumors. Though some of the causes and risk factors of this life threatening condition are known to us, it remains a largely enigmatic, deadly and difficult to treat disease. Doctors and clinicians have long tried to understand what causes brain tumors but as yet are not able […]

Brain Tumor Prognosis

Brain Tumor Prognosis and Treatment Options

The diagnosis of a brain tumor can be a terrifying one. However the brain tumor prognosis and survival rates depend upon several factors such as malignancy or benignant, the progression or staging of the tumor, age of the sufferer and so on. Importance of malignancy and benignity in brain tumor prognosis The prognosis with a […]

brain cancer risk

Cell Phones may Rise Brain Cancer Risk

Cell phones raise the risk of brain cancer by 25%. Radiation pulses of cell phones might actually be addictive to human brains. Cell phone users are three times at greater risk of developing brain cancer when compared to persons who are not using cell phones among which children are greater risk when compared to adults. […]

Coffee And Brain Cancer? How Are They Connected?

Coffee And Brain Cancer? How Are They Connected?

Caffeine may be the avowed villain in a number of situations and health conditions; however the caffeine content of coffee and some teas could actually help to slow down the growth of brain tumors. The growth of inositol trisphosphate receptor (IP3R) has been seen to be inhibited or repressed by virtue of caffeine found in […]

Brain Cancer Home Care - What Can Be Done

Brain Cancer Home Care – What Can Be Done

Brain cancer is an affliction that every person in the family may be impacted by; not just the sufferer. Home care would depend upon the impairments that a person has or the advancement or stage of the brain cancer. Although most patients would prefer to receive treatment in their own homes, this is not always […]

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Preventing Brain Cancer Recurrence May Be Possible

Now researchers at the Stanford School of medicine may hold out fresh hope for those who have a deadly form of brain cancer called glioblastoma. According to this report, the study has been carried out on mice and may be a significant development for humans as well. This type of brain cancer is seen to […]