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superfood with cancer fighting potential

Brussels Sprouts: A Superfood with Cancer Fighting Potential

Brussels sprouts are extremely nutrition rich foods which are not only very tasty but also very easy to prepare. This is a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables which consists of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale etc. Brussels sprouts’ 1 cup contains only 56 calories but at the same time, it is packed in […]

Support A Child With Cancer

Learn How to Support a Child With Cancer

The news of cancer in any family can leave them shocked and devastated. Moreover when it is the child who is suffering, the mental pain and agony of the parents and other family members is very hard to understand. Cancer is not a fatal disease these days and many kinds of cancers are curable; but […]

Genetic Testing for Cancer

Genetic Testing for Cancer: What Is It and Who Needs It?

We all know the benefits of being forewarned about any impending problem because we can then be forearmed for tackling the problem. So the idea that we can somehow predict cancer by having a test conducted is an appealing one: it brings with it the promise of early detection and immediate and effective treatment. What […]


Understanding the Mechanics of Metastasis

Simply put, Metastasis is the spread of a cancer. Metastasis is a Greek word that means displacement and this kind of displacement occurs with regard to infections as well as cancers within the body. Metastatic cancer is that which would have originated in one organ of the body and then spread to another organ, either […]

Pediatric Cancers

The Most Common Pediatric Cancers: Symptoms and Prognoses

Even the thought of a child being diagnosed with any type of cancer can be a heartrending one. However pediatric cancers are a reality, even if a rare one. There are only about 1 to 2 children per ten thousand children that develop cancer in the United States each year; however cancers among kids are […]

Loss of Parent

A Step By Step Guide to Dealing with the Loss of a Parent

When you lose a parent, it can be a particularly difficult time emotionally. If you were chosen as the executor of your parent’s estate, you’ll have to complete a number of steps to make sure that it’s handled appropriately. While it may be difficult to get over the loss of your parent, you’ll have to […]

What Is Asbestos

What Is Asbestos?

Despite the fact that it was once a very commonly utilized material in building work (and remains in use to some degree), even to this day a lot of people still do not really know that much about asbestos – including what it actually is. Essentially asbestos is a collection of silicate minerals which have […]

Diagnosis of Cancer

Dealing with the Diagnosis – How to Cope with the News of Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer can be a devastating one for those who receive the diagnosis as well as for those close to them. One can feel utterly lost and overwhelmed, convinced that their life is irrevocably changed and not for the better. So what can you do? What is the next logical step for a […]