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caramel colouring

Caramel Color and Cancer Risk; the Connection Between Balding and Cancer Risk

Different causal relationships keep getting established between cancer and other substances; equally there are seen to be connections existing between cancer and other conditions that we have, the most recent of which are – Recently a consumer group has called for the ban of the caramel food coloring because of its alleged cancer risk. It […]

prostate cancer genetic code

Cancer Research and Development that Could Mean Fresh Hope for Sufferers

There has been a significant breakthrough that could hold out hope for those that suffer from the commonest of male cancers, prostate cancer – the genetic code of prostate cancer has been cracked by scientists, and this could well transform the way the disease is treated. This will hopefully enable treatments to be prescribed based […]

black labrador - the cancer sniffer

Innovative Cancer Screening Uses Labrador to Detect Bowel Cancer

In Japan, researchers have found that it is possible for a Labrador retriever to ‘sniff out’ cancer – bowel cancer was detected by a dog from breath and stool samples with a very high degree of accuracy. The dog trained to sniff out bowel cancer, was used by Hideto Sonoda at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, […]

denmark cancer capital

Denmark Is Cancer Capital of the World – Why?

Denmark may have one of the best standards of living in the world, but it also has the dubious distinction of being the cancer capital of the world. One of the reasons why the highest rates of cancer in the world are found to be present in Denmark is the fact that when it comes […]

colorectal cancer

Researchers Identify Why Some Colorectal Cancers Respond to Therapy While Others Don’t

Researchers have identified the fact that there are those who have certain defective genes that could be responsible for the fact that radiotherapy works for some but not for other colorectal cancer sufferers. Researchers including Dr Laurent Pangon, and Dr Maija Kohonen-Corish found that the defective gene known has MCC had a dual impact of […]

michael douglas

Michael Douglas Declared ‘Tumor Free’

We have been following the story of 66 year old Oscar winning actor Michael Douglas’ diagnosis of stage 4 throat cancer, as well the treatment options and prognosis of his disease. The latest heartening news on the subject is that 7 weeks of intense radiation and chemotherapy has got rid of the throat tumor and […]

blood test

Blood Test May Revolutionize Cancer Treatment

Researchers are involved in developing a blood test that could be so sensitive as to detect even a single cancer cell, and thereby revolutionize cancer treatment by making very early detection possible. It is being termed a ‘Liquid Biopsy’, this hypersensitive blood test for cancer which could offer cancer sufferers to attack this fatal disease […]


Smokers Pay No Heed to Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels

Health officials and authorities hoped that they would be able to curb smoking by putting graphic pictures on cigarette packets, which warn of the terrible consequence of smoking. However, images such as a young girl having a coughing fit from smoke, a woman dying of lung cancer as a result of smoking, and a body […]