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taking care of eating habits after chemo

Taking Care of Eating Habits after Chemo

Difficulties in eating and digesting food are very common in cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. It is important to follow a healthy eating pattern as per the doctor’s advice after chemo. There are many symptoms that may occur during or after chemotherapy section in cancer patients, and these may include fever, pain, fatigue and […]

ayurvedic cancer treatment

Learn all about Ayurvedic Cancer treatment

The seamless advancement medical technology is yet to find answers for remedies to treat fatal diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and the list of auto-immune and hematological disorders. Treating these diseases, especially cancer has become a big challenge for all the researchers and physicians over the world owing to the complex nature of such diseases. […]

foods to avoid during chemotherapy

Foods to Avoid During Chemotherapy

Being diagnosed with cancer, be it any type of cancer, chemotherapy is the invariable form of treatment. Chemotherapy is the most effective form of treatment where it destroys the body’s harmful cancerous cells from within. Now while it is extremely effective to disintegrate the cancer cells, it also has a lot of side effects. The […]

side effects of brain cancer treatment

Side Effects of Brain Cancer Treatment

Brain cancer treatment is a complex process which may result in many side effects and after affects.  The side effects generally vary with the treatment plan for example the side effects of surgery may be different from the side effects of chemotherapy.  The side effects also depend upon the overall health status of the patient.  […]

genetic cancer

How Genetic Predisposition Testing can Help in the Fight against Cancer

Having cancer in your family can be terrifying, and it also means that you may have to cope with a beloved family member falling ill on more than one occasion. It can be particularly scary when you have a child as well, as them falling ill from it is something which you have nightmares over […]

Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer Treatment

Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer Treatment

Brachytherapy is a type of a radiotherapy in which a source of radiation is place inside or very close to the area which requires treatment. This type of a treatment is also known as internal radiotherapy, curietherapy or sealed source radio therapy. Brachytherapy is generally used for the treatment of breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate […]

Male Fertility Preservation

Male Fertility Preservation During Cancer Treatment

Male fertility preservation techniques are used to preserve fertility preservation for the future. The most common application for such procedures are for men undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, that could result in temporary or permanent male infertility. It can also be used where the male is not yet ready to father a […]

Palliative Care In Cancer

How Alternative Therapies Can Help with Palliative Care in Cancer

It is often the case that the cancer itself scares a person, but equally the treatment for the disease, its side effects and the impacts it can have on one’s life can cause apprehension. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation; the most commonly used treatments for cancer can cause very significant distress and for this reason the […]