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Alternative Treatments For Cancer

Alternative Medicine and Cancer – Counterview

In our earlier post, we looked at some of the reasons why a lot of mainstream medical practitioners frown on using alternative and complementary therapies for cancer. Now however let us consider all the reasons why patients, integrative medicine practitioners and even some mainstream doctors choose CAM therapies – why as many as 83% of […]

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine and Cancer – View

There are many in the medical community who choose to reject alternative therapies, expressing skepticism or even scorn at their use. This is either because they have an interest in perpetuating their own brand of medicine or because of personal belief. Whatever the reason, mainstream medical practitioners do tend to belittle alternative therapies labeling them […]

Ailments That Help Dealing with Cancer

Treatments for Other Ailments Could Help Dealing with Cancer

As more and more research gets done about cancer, there is more about what can cure cancer that comes to light – either by accident or concentrated effort. It has recently been found that an arthritis drug could help to prevent skin cancer, and that the breast cancer drug tamoxifen could offer long term protection […]

noni juice

Noni Juice May Give Wonderful Protection Against Cancer

Noni juice contains various nutrients that help in protecting against cancer. It stops the growth of cancer cells like damnacanthal, anthraquinone and trace element selenium. Activation of white blood cell membranes helps you to absorb as much nutrients as you can. The juice smells like a rotten cheese and it doesn’t remain in your mouth […]

green tea

Green Tea for Cancer Treatment

Studies showed that people who used to drink green tea are less likely to develop cancer. Green tea along with various herbal remedies can be used to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy. Increased consumption of green tea helps to lower risk of stomach cancers. Antioxidants found in green tea can help to protect […]

fish oil supplements

Fish Oil to Help Cancer Patients Combat Weight Loss

One of the many undesirable side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy is the fact that there is a lot of muscle loss/weight loss observed among cancer sufferers. This is due to the fact that chemotherapy tends to rob people of their appetite and also dulls their sense of taste. And according to a […]


Can Mangosteen Destroy Cancer Cells?

Various therapeutic properties of mangosteen make it more effective in treating diseases like cancer. Mangosteen has various anti-cancer properties such as anti-tumor, anti-leukemia, antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidants, antiproliferation that greatly help to destroy the cancer cells and other causes of some cancer types. Antioxidant properties of mangosteen Most of the researchers believed that the anti-oxidant properties […]

blood test

Blood Test May Revolutionize Cancer Treatment

Researchers are involved in developing a blood test that could be so sensitive as to detect even a single cancer cell, and thereby revolutionize cancer treatment by making very early detection possible. It is being termed a ‘Liquid Biopsy’, this hypersensitive blood test for cancer which could offer cancer sufferers to attack this fatal disease […]