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Can Lung Transplant Save From Lung Cancer?

Can Lung Transplant Save From Lung Cancer?

This is one of the very common question asked by many lung cancer patients. Is it really possible to transplant lung? Can lung transplant save from lung cancer? In the past, this cancer was considered as an absolute contraction for transplant which means this procedure should be avoided. However, the answer is not ‘no’ always. […]

Can Estrogen Cause Lung Cancer?

Can Estrogen Cause Lung Cancer?

You might be wondering by reading this title, aren’t you? Is there really a link between estrogen and lung cancer? There are definitely differences between lung cancer in men and women. Lung cancer cells have estrogen receptors which mean, there are areas on the cell surface which can bind to estrogen. This means that women […]

know about pleural effusion in lung cancer

Know About Pleural Effusion in Lung Cancer

A pleural effusion is a term which is used to refer to the buildup of extra fluid in the pleural space which is the space between the lungs and the chest wall. Almost 50% of the people with lung cancer develop a pleural effusion and the cancer that grows in the pleural space results in […]

risk factors for small cell lung cancer

6 Major Risk Factors for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Lung cancer in most simple terms is the cancer that begins in the lungs of the human being. There are two types of lung cancers which are completely different.  They are -small cell lung cancer and non- small cell lung cancer. As the name suggests small cell lung cancer refers to the cancer cells which […]

real truth about smoking and lung cancer

The Real Truth About Smoking and Lung Cancer

Most people are aware about the link between smoking and lung cancer. But even inspite of knowing this fact, people go on smoking and believe in several myths associated with it. To start with, it is an established fact that smoking causes lung cancer. To know more about such real facts, you can read the […]

lung cancer treatment

Iodine Usage in Lung Cancer Treatment

If you have a tumor in either of your lungs or you have the bad habit of smoking often or if you have suffered from tuberculosis then chances are ripe that you will suffer from lung cancer. While doctors suggest that surgically removing the tumor from the lungs is the best way to guarantee a […]

Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer Side Effects

Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer Side Effects

Keep in mind regarding the radiation therapy for lung cancer side effects that during your treatment you have to take special care of yourself to minimize the damage done by radiation to the healthy cells. There are some tips you could use to make the discomfort more manageable. Skin irritation It is common for people […]

Lung Cancer Facts, Figures and Factors

Lung Cancer Facts, Figures & Factors (Infographic)

Lung is one of the vital organs of human body and it is more susceptible to damage by environmental pollution and behavioral activities like smoking. No surprise then that lung cancer causes more number of deaths than any other type of cancer. This infographic is an attempt to list out some important facts and stats […]