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Metastatic Lung Cancer

Symptoms of Primary Lung Cancer and Metastatic Lung Cancer

Metastatic lung cancer is the kind of lung cancer that has originally started in the lung, and has metastasized from other parts of the body from the lungs. Difference between metastatic lung cancer and metastatic cancer to the lungs When cancer occurs elsewhere in the body it can get into the blood stream or the […]


Smokers Pay No Heed to Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels

Health officials and authorities hoped that they would be able to curb smoking by putting graphic pictures on cigarette packets, which warn of the terrible consequence of smoking. However, images such as a young girl having a coughing fit from smoke, a woman dying of lung cancer as a result of smoking, and a body […]

Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms And Treatments

Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms And Treatments

Non small cell lung cancer is one of the most common lung cancers, affecting millions of people worldwide. Approximately 80% of lung cancer patients are diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer. It is proven that people who smoke frequently are prone to have a non small cell lung cancer as well as those who […]

vegetables for lung cancer

Veggies To Prevent Lung Cancer?

A new study with a nine year follow up has shown that those smokers who have the greatest variety of fruit and vegetables in their diet cut their risk of lung cancer by 23%. Each type of fruit and vegetable that the smokers consumed was seen to cut their risk of getting lung cancer by […]

lung cancer chemotherapy

What Is Lung Cancer Chemotherapy?

While there is no definite cure yet for cancer, chemotherapy has been proven to be effective in arresting the growth of cancer cells in the body.  Among these kinds of cancer chemotherapy may be best administered is that of the lungs. Lung cancer chemotherapy may be given to a patient at any stage of the […]

lung cancer

Understanding Squamous Cell Lung Cancer

Lung cancer affects men and women all over the world. There are many types of lung cancer and one of them is the squamous cell lung cancer. Research proves that approximately 30% of lung cancer cases fall under this type. However, the introduction of filtered cigarettes in the market made it a rare case nowadays. […]

Urine Test May Help Find Lung Cancer In Smokers

Urine Test May Help Find Lung Cancer In Smokers

Lung cancer kills more people than any other cancer type, in the United States alone over one hundred and fifty thousand citizens died last year. Further more, there were more than 200,000 new reported cases, say the American Cancer Society. Certain chemicals found in the urine of smokers, it has been found, means that a […]

Home Remedies To Ease The Effects Of Lung Cancer

Home Remedies To Ease The Effects Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the foremost chronic diseases resulting in a high number of fatalities annually. Like all other cancers, lung cancer is caused by the rapid and uncontrolled development of abnormal cells. It starts in the lungs and the abnormal cell activity leads to the growth of tumors which sometimes spread to other […]