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stages of ovarian cancer

Know about the Stages of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer has some warning signs that should not be ignored like cramps that keep occurring and abnormal bleeding from vagina. Ovarian cancer particularly is tricky to diagnose but after diagnosis, depending on the stage, treatment is advised. The various stages and sub-stages of ovarian cancer are listed below – Stage 1 This is the […]

myths associated with ovarian cancer

6 Most Common Myths Associated with Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer is one of the most common types of cancer from which women suffer. Ovarian cancer is a form of cancer which begins in an ovary and results in the formation of abnormal cells which have the ability to spread to other parts of the body as well. Ovarian cancer is diagnosed in about […]

biological therapy for cancer

Biological Therapy for the Treatment of Cancer

What is Biological Therapy? Biological therapy is a kind of a therapy which is done by making use of living organisms or substances which have been derived from any living organism. Biological therapies exploit the natural ability of the immune system to kill off the cancerous cells and some of the common biological therapies used […]

Protein Foods

How to Gain Weight If You are a Cancer Patient

Cancer is a disease that invariably makes you lose weight; but on the other hand, the treatment of this disease requires you to have proper body weight and the strength to endure the harsh chemicals and therapies. The main difficulty lies here that the cancer treatment essentially reduces the appetite, and makes it really difficult […]

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Side Effects

In case you are struggling with ovarian cancer, it is a must to get a treatment. However you should also take into consideration the ovarian cancer treatment side effects. These depend on the kind of treatment that you receive and the stage of the cancer. Surgery If you have a surgery to get the tumor […]

ovarian cancer facts

Ovarian Cancer Facts – Know the Silent Killer

Ovarian cancer is a silent killer which keeps itself secreted inside the pelvis. There is no screening test for this. Ovarian Cancer Facts – Statistics About one in 100 women above 40 years of age can have this condition. If it is detected early, the cure rate is about 90%. At the time of diagnosis, […]

folic acid fortification

Folic Acid and Ovarian Cancer Screening – How Do They Affect Cancer Risk?

Ovarian cancer is often known as a silent killer since it can be difficult to detect it in the early stages (less than 20% of ovarian cancers are detected in the early stage before it has spread outside the ovary). And recent news about ovarian cancer is not heartening in that according to researchers at […]

ovarian cancer

Determinants Of Ovarian Cancer Survival Rate

Ovarian cancer is becoming one of the most dangerous cancers to ever stalk women. There are millions all over the world that suffer from this kind of cancer; although, there have been promising treatments for ovarian cancer that women can be sure to pump up the ovarian cancer survival rate. Reports have shown that at […]