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robotic prostate surgery

Robotic Prostate Surgery – A Breakthrough in Prostate Cancer

The cases of prostate cancer grow daily by the hundreds. Studies have shown that African-Americans are more prone to this, but this does not mean that everyone else is safe or immune from this disease. The cause of prostate cancer is due to the fact that cancer cells form in the prostate gland or nearby […]

radiation therapy

New Radiation Therapy For Prostate Cancer

Impotence and incontinence are frequently the unfortunate consequences of prostate cancer treatment that typically involves radiotherapy and surgery. This is because there are chances that the healthy tissue adjoining the tumor could also become damaged in the process of attacking the tumor and many patients fear the treatment because of this. Now however a new […]

prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer ‘Vaccine’ Approved By FDA

It is thought that this is a development significant enough to herald a new era in the field of cancer therapy: the approval of the first cancer therapy that looks to use the patient’s own immune system to fight cancerous tumors. The FDA has approved a new drug called Provenge. This drug is also known […]

Dynamite May Cure The Prostate Cancer

Dynamite May Cure The Prostate Cancer

The prostate cancer is currently the most frequent male cancer in Europe and, on an average scale, every year is diagnosed around 177 new cases in every country. From these diagnosed cases, 7.3% of the patients die annually from this cause. In order to prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer, every man has to be […]

prostate cancer

Deadly Side Effects Of Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Experts are expressing concern that commonly used procedures for treating prostate cancer may be responsible for a deadly side effect: the formation of a potentially life threatening blood clot.  A Swedish study found that those men who received hormone treatment were more at risk of developing blood clots. It is thought that hormone therapy is […]


Prostate Cancer Linked To Infertility And Baldness

For those men who have a receding hairline or are balding, this may be heartening news: recent research has indicated that bald men are only half as likely to develop prostate cancer when compared with their more hirsute counterparts. Apparently the risk of developing prostate cancer is reduced by nearly 50% by hair loss as […]

prostate cancer screening

Cancer Society Warns Against Over-Treating Prostate Cancer

There has long been debate about the efficacy or indeed the requirement of prostate cancer testing and now the American Cancer Society has issued fresh screening recommendations about screening for prostate cancer. Durango Brooks, the society’s director of prostate and colorectal cancers called for informed decision making among doctors as well as patients as regards […]

The Future In Testing For Identification Of Prostate Cancer Metastasis

The Future In Testing For Identification Of Prostate Cancer Metastasis

The new investigation used to track and identify the metastasis in the prostate cancer has a very important role in the early and effective treatment of the persons suffering from this disease. As the technology is evolving daily into more and more progressive treatment methods the future of the cancer patients seems to look brighter […]