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3 Important Things you should know about Melanoma Skin Cancer

3 Important Things you should know about Melanoma Skin Cancer

There are a variety of skin cancers; some of the symptoms involve a change in the skin colour, ulcers the skin, change in the existing moles (enlarged moles, jagged edges moles, etc.) and bruised the skin. Let us know about skin cancer, in this article you will know types of skin cancer, risk factors for […]

can tattoos cause skin cancer

Can Tattoos Cause Skin Cancer?

Tattoos are known as fashion statements worldwide. A lot of people gets themselves tattooed where a few needles are used to draw a design on the skin by using inks. But it has been also claimed that this ink can cause a lot of problems and even skin cancer, thus many people prefer to stay […]

skin cancer myths busted

Top 5 Skin Cancer Myths Busted

Skin cancer is a cancer that arises from the skin and this happens due to the growth of abnormal cells those spread to other areas. Basal Cell Cancer, Squamous Cell Cancer and Melanoma are the three specific types of non melanoma skin cancer, which is a type of cancer that grows slowly and damages your […]

various kinds of skin cancer

The Various Kinds of Skin Cancer: Classifications and Types

The cancers that arise from the skin of the individual mostly due to a development of abnormal cells are referred to as skin cancers. These abnormal cells have the ability to spread to and invade other parts of the body; and there aren’t any major symptoms of the early stages of the cancer.The  area affected […]

hand foot syndrome

How to Manage Hand Foot Syndrome (HFS) Effectively?

People suffering from cancer have to go through various chemotherapy sessions. The resultant side effect of these chemotherapy sessions is the hand foot syndrome also known as Palmar-Plantar Erythrodysesthesia. This is a skin reaction and the major drugs behind them include Xeloda and interleukin 2. The regular infusion of such drugs within the body causes […]

Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer Among Children

Top 6 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer Among Children

If children are not provided sufficient protection, they can be very prone to suffer from skin diseases like skin cancer. Skin cancer is not caused immediately but after several serious sunburns and thus if signs of skin burn or sun burn are identified soon, skin cancer can be prevented among children. So the following are […]

Skin Cancer Facts

Skin Cancer Facts

In case you are thinking about skin cancer facts you should know that the skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects and covers the body and it is a barrier between bacteria and germs and the internal organs. It also makes sure that that the body doesnt lose too many fluids. Facts […]

Skin Cancer

Recent Developments and Studies Regarding Skin Cancer

As one of the most common types of cancer, skin cancer is the subject matter of constant research and study. This is important not only for early detection and timely and effective treatment of the disease but also to understand the risk factors for skin cancer to try and prevent the disease from occurring. We […]