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Skin Cancer Risk Increases After The Age Of 40

Skin Cancer Risk Increases After The Age Of 40

Melanoma is one of the most damaging skin cancers. Though the exact cause is not known, there are many factors which contribute to the risk of melanoma. Excessive exposure to sun, UV rays or even tanning bed is among the leading factors which increase the risk. Those who have multiple moles of a considerable size […]

Caffeine And Exercise Are Preventing Skin Cancer

Caffeine And Exercise Are Preventing Skin Cancer

Cancer has, slowly but surely, become the plague of our era. It is the disease that people fear the most. Despite all its efforts, modern medicine still has not been able to come with a permanent solution that will be effective against this disease. One of the reasons for this is probably because cancer, as […]

Men Are Not On The Look Out For Dangerous Melanomas

Men Are Not On The Look Out For Dangerous Melanomas

Lack of awareness amongst middle aged men is causing unnecessary deaths from skin cancer. Although, less women are losing their lives from melanomas the number of males over fifty years old is rising steadily. A study carried out by the Stanford University Medical Center showed some alarming statistics from the over two hundred patients studied. […]

Potential Triggers Of Malignant Melanoma 

Malignant melanoma is a type of cancer that initially develops in the skin. It is not as common as the other types of cancer that we know such as kidney, breast and prostate cancer. This does not mean however it should be ignored and taken for granted. If ignored it has equal consequences. It can […]

Complementary And Alternative Skin Cancer Treatments

The most common alternative methods used for skin cancer treatment include: herbs, vitamins, special diets and methods such as massage or acupuncture. Complementary methods: Complementary methods are not considered as cancer cures. Most of the time, however, they can be used to help you feel better. Methods that can be used in complementary medicine include: […]

Can Coffee Cure Skin Cancer?

Research work in the laboratory as to the effects of caffeine on skin cancers has revealed some positive results. Scientists have found that caffeine in the blood system helps indirectly eliminated damaged human skin cells. The caffeine acts on the protein ATR-Chk1 by interrupting its influence on the skin cells damaged by ultraviolet rays, thus […]

Treatment Options For Melanoma Skin Cancer

When your doctor confirms that you have melanoma skin cancer, the first question that arises in your mind is which treatment is effective. Various treatment options are available to treat melanomas. However, you have to choose the right option to get better relief from the disease. At any stage of disease, people with melanoma have […]

Can Sunscreen Protect Your Skin From Skin Cancer?

Basically, sunscreen lotions help you protect against UV skin damage and sunburns. It can also protect your skin from squamous cell carcinoma by 40% and basal carcinomas up to some extent, which are two most common types of skin cancer. But, do you know that it has not been conclusively shown that sunscreens protect against […]