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Diet Tips To Follow After Gastrectomy For Stomach Cancer

Have you undergone gastrectomy for stomach cancer? If you have undergone any sort of surgery, it is quite common to experience a few unwanted side-effects such as vomiting, weight loss, and diarrhea as well as a few nutritional deficiencies.  Usually, the main reason for these side-effects can be eating more than usual or following an […]

Identify Early Stomach Cancer Symptoms

For many, stomach cancer doesn’t show any specific symptoms in early stages. It is therefore very important to understand and recognize stomach cancer symptoms and the discomfort which can be experienced in later stages. Here are the most common stomach cancer symptoms. Often, these symptoms will be caused by the presence of other illnesses in […]

Essential Changes That You Have To Make After Gastrectomy!

Are you recommended to have gastrectomy? More often, gastrectomy is preferred for most severe stomach cancer symptoms. When you have gastrectomy, it is quite common for you to experience nausea, vomiting, nutritional deficiency, weight loss, diarrhea and also dumping syndrome that takes place when the food enters into your small intestine quickly. You can certainly […]

Do You Recognize The Signs Of Stomach Cancer? Identify It In Early Stages To Avoid Complications!

Do you know what can increase your risk of stomach cancer? No one knows the exact cause of stomach cancer. But, many doctors believe that people who consume more amounts of smoked, salted or pickled foods are at increased risk of developing stomach cancer. Is it possible to avoid advanced stages of stomach cancer? Stomach […]

Indigestion Or Pain In Stomach May Lead To Stomach Cancer!

Indigestion Or Pain In Stomach May Lead To Stomach Cancer!

Indigestion or Pain in your stomach? Do not neglect, it may sometimes be a serious matter. Stomach cancer is one such serious matter which is diagnosed at an advanced stage each time in each case. Feeling full after eating only a small meal, heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and difficulty swallowing, indigestion are its common […]