Symptoms of Chronic Leukemia in Teenagers

Chronic leukemia is a condition or a disease in which the white blood cells of a personís body start getting produced by the bone marrow in large amounts. Chronic leukemia is basically a cancer of white blood cells and is of two types: chronic lymphocytic leukemia and chronic myeloid leukemia. The extra white blood cells which are produced do not act like the normal blood cells and grow faster than them.

After a period of time, these extra white blood cells (leukemia cells) crowd out the normal blood cells and lead to many problems such as bleeding, infections and anaemia. This disease also affects teenagers and the following are the symptoms of chronic leukemia in teenagers:

Symptoms of Chronic Leukemia in Teenagers

The symptoms of chronic leukemia mostly depend upon the kind of leukemia the teenager is suffering from but the common symptoms are:

  • Fever and night sweats are common symptoms of chronic leukemia in the case of teenagers and if this extends over a period of time, then the teenager must be checked for the disease.
  • A person suffering from chronic leukemia tends to get bruised very easily and the bleeding is also very profuse and heavy.
  • A common sign of chronic leukemia in teenagers is constant headaches.
  • Another sign that a teenager is suffering from chronic leukemia is pain in bones or joints.
  • In chronic leukemia, the spleen tends to get enlarged and due to this a teenager suffering from this disease might experience a swollen or a painful belly which is a clear sign and symptom of this form of cancer.
  • Another symptom of chronic leukemia in the case of teenagers is swollen lymph node in the armpit region, in the groin region or in the next area.
  • A person with chronic leukemia always tends to get more infections than other people and this is yet another indication or sign of the disease.
  • Feeling of weakness or tiredness is some other signs that a teenager might be suffering from the cancer of the white blood cells.
  • If you have been losing weight without any reason and not feeling hungry at all, then you must get yourself checked for chronic leukemia.
  • Breathlessness is also a sign of this disease and if it is accompanied by two or more of the above given symptoms, then the person is advised to consult a doctor for chronic leukemia.

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