Are Cell Phones And Brain Cancer Connected?

Brain Cancer InformationHave you heard of this? Cancer can occur in any part of the brain or spinal cord.

Cancer cells are abnormal cells that divide too often and without any order.

In 1997, about 18,000 new brain tumors were diagnosed, a 50% increase from only ten years ago.

They are rare tumors, representing only 1.5% of all cancers reported in the United States.

Now see what’s a brain tumor is? An abnormal growth of cells in the brain is called a brain tumor.

Brain tumors may be malignant which are cancerous or benign which are non-cancerous. From abnormal behavior or other symptoms, suspicions of a brain tumor may first arise.

Symptoms are typically investigated with a series of tests aimed at making a diagnosis. If a brain tumor is diagnosed, further information about the cancer cells is necessary to determine the best possible approach to treatment.

Not Known? Stunning, but is true the cause of central nervous system tumors is not known, and even scientists cannot explain why brain tumors develop in healthy adults.

However, certain factors, have been identified that may increase a person’s chance of developing a brain tumor. For example, rubber manufacturing, drug manufacturing and industries workers in the oil refining have higher rates of certain types of brain tumors.

Also exposure to vinyl chloride is known to cause brain cancer. Vinyl chloride is a toxic chemical compound frequently used in manufacturing. It is a combustible, colorless gas.

People are exposed to vinyl chloride by either breathing in air containing vinyl chloride or consuming water contaminated with it.

Severe continuous headaches! Check Out! There are many symptoms of brain tumors. If you experience any of these mentioned symptoms, does not neglect instead rush to a doctor. The symptoms will depend on the part of the brain the tumor is located.

The most common symptoms of brain tumors are nausea, vomiting, headaches, impaired judgment, loss of hearing, impaired sense of smell, memory loss, behavioral and emotional changes, seizures, and muscle weakness, paralysis on one side of the body, reduced mental capacity and vision loss.

Does Heredity play a role in brain cancer? Researchers are also studying families in whom multiple members have developed the same type of brain tumor to see whether heredity plays a role. Persuasion

They are also looking at the connection between viral infections and exposure to radiation and the development of brain tumors.

Head Injury! There is no research to suggest that head injuries cause or increase a person’s risk for developing a brain tumor. Because most patients diagnosed with a brain tumor have no identifiable risk factors, it is believed that brain tumors result from a number of factors acting together

How are cell phones and brain cancer connected?

In recent years, the widespread use of cell phones has led to increased concerns about possible health hazards, particularly brain cancer.

As you all know Cellular phones operate with RF (Radio Frequencies); a form of electromagnetic energy. This energy is located on the electromagnetic spectrum between FM radio waves and the waves used in microwave ovens, radars and satellites.

The amount of RF a person is exposed to with the use of a cell phone depends on a number of factors.

Repeated RF exposure from cell phones, even at low levels, may cause brain tumors, many individuals claim that.

Because cell phones have only been in widespread use for about a decade, there hasn’t been much opportunity to carry out long-term studies of their effects on our health.

However, four recently published studies that compared cell phone use in brain cancer patients and individuals with no brain cancer found the same results.

Teens! All you guys and gals from now on be very cautious while using your cell phones for long. Chatting or talking too long on your mobiles is not suggestible. So hopefully now you have pretty good information on brain cancer and most importantly the cell phones and brain cancer.