Are You Aware Of The Dangerous Warning Signs Of Brain Cancer?

Do you know how to identify the brain cancer symptoms? Tumor that is majorly responsible for brain cancer, primarily damages the vital neurological pathways, when the cancer reaches advanced stage. So, it is very important for you to identify the warning signs of brain cancer in initial stages. If you are diagnosed with brain cancer it is a good idea to invest in a good medical alert system in case of falls, which are a common occurrence with this disease.

Identify the symptoms in early stages to avoid various brain cancer complications!

The symptoms of brain cancer usually develop overtime and its characteristics mainly depend up on the location and size of the tumor present in your brain.

When the tumor is located in the front lobe of your brain then it can possibly cause these symptoms:

  • Changes in behavior and also the way you react to emotions.
  • Inability to judge things properly.
  • Unable to sense different smells.
  • Decreased mental capacity.
  • Loss of proper vision and also inflammation in the optic nerve. This condition of inflammation in optic nerve is usually referred as papilledema.

If the tumor is located at parietal lobe of your brain, then it can possibly cause these particular symptoms of brain cancer.

  • Loss of proper speech
  • Inability to write
  • Spatial disorders
  • Lack of identification
  • Seizures

If the tumor mainly develops in your brain stem, it can often produce these specific symptoms:

  • Trouble in swallowing and speaking
  • Irritability and various other emotional and behavioral changes
  • Muscle weakness on one side of your face and body
  • Loss of vision and also drooping eyelid. At times you can also experience crossed eyes
  • Severe headache, particularly morning

Apart from these, some of the most common symptoms of brain cancer can mainly include difficulty in walking, vomiting, weakness, and change in mental capacity, speech or even personality.

There is no prevention for brain cancer!

Usually, there is no certain way to prevent brain cancer. You can only prevent advanced stages of brain cancer, simply by identifying the symptoms of brain cancer in initial stages. But, the most possible risk factors associated with brain cancer can mainly include overexposure of your brain to radiation and HIV infection.

The treatment for brain cancer usually varies from person to person and mainly depends on your age and overall health condition. It also depends up on the type and location of the tumor. So, never try to hesitate before your doctor to discuss about your past abnormal health episodes or any persistent health conditions such as diabetes or blood pressure.

At times, you can also experience these symptoms of brain cancer, even if you don’t have brain cancer. So, try to be careful while identifying the symptoms of brain cancer and get appropriate treatment for your problem.