Brain Cancer Home Care – What Can Be Done

Brain cancer is an affliction that every person in the family may be impacted by; not just the sufferer. Home care would depend upon the impairments that a person has or the advancement or stage of the brain cancer. Although most patients would prefer to receive treatment in their own homes, this is not always feasible. If the house is too small or the financial burden and time commitment becomes too great, other options should be considered. In these situations, hospice care is probably the best choice because it provides a safe environment with all of the support systems that are needed to make the patient as comfortable as possible. Hospice care provides patients with relief from their pain and suffering, an improvement in their quality of life, counseling, and access to any therapies that could prolong life.

  • Brain cancer can sometimes cause change in balance and the gait of a person could consequently change. Walkers may be assigned to deal with this problem to prevent falls or to assist in walking.
  • A caregiver may require to be assigned to see to the daily medication of the sufferer.
  • Hospice care may be indicated in those cases with poor prognosis that require more care, pain relief and supervision. In advanced cases, a doctor or supervising oncologist, nurse, pharmacist, helpers, social worker and even perhaps a spiritual caregiver may be required to attend to the person suffering from brain tumor.
  • It may be a good idea for a sufferer to consider a living will, while still competent therein specific directives for treatments to be given and withheld may be clearly stated. For instance a person with brain cancer may direct that in the event he or she stops breathing a ventilator may or may not be used to prolong life.