List of Brain Tumor Signs and Symptoms in Women

Though brain tumors affect adults and children alike, it is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among young women.

The most common brain cancer in women is meningioma.

In some cases where the tumor spreads to the skull, facial changes can be seen and is a clear sign of cancer. Here are some of the common brain tumor signs and symptoms in women.

Brain Tumor Signs and Symptoms in Women

Women who suffer from brain cancer usually experience difficulty in speech, vision, hearing, balance, movement of limbs and also experience seizures. Depending on the location of the tumor, women show different signs and symptoms of brain tumor.

  • A tumor in the meninges behind the eye socket might cause visual problems, numbness in the facial region and unusual eye movements. If the same condition is present around the socket, then the eyes bulge.
  • A meninigioma in the spinal cord affects limbs and the back causing pain in these regions.
  • Tumor under the brain tissue causes bodily imbalance, muscle spasms, headaches, loss of hearing and aches in the facial muscles.
  • Tumor in the forehead region can cause seizures and headaches.
  • Other symptoms characteristic of a brain tumor in women include depressed mood, vertigo, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, behavioral changes, speech problems and a confused state of mind.
  • Sometimes the tumor develops so fast that almost no distinct signs or symptoms are felt. In such cases only an MRI reveals the disease.

It is most often seizures, vomiting, weakness in the limbs and cognition problems that are first signs of a brain tumor. Surprisingly, headaches come much later. And even when they occur, initially it is not very intense, though the woman might be aroused from sleep due to the headache. But later in the progression of the disease these headaches become more intense, severe and debilitating. The patient may complain of a dull, throbbing ache that worsens with change in posture, coughs or sneezes that point to the change in intra cranial pressure during such movements.

These are the most commonly encountered brain tumor signs and symptoms in women. They occur as a complex and seldom as an individual event. So being sensitive to your body and changes is the only way a woman can help early diagnosis of the cancer.