Coffee And Brain Cancer? How Are They Connected?

Caffeine may be the avowed villain in a number of situations and health conditions; however the caffeine content of coffee and some teas could actually help to slow down the growth of brain tumors.

The growth of inositol trisphosphate receptor (IP3R) has been seen to be inhibited or repressed by virtue of caffeine found in green tea and coffee. This IP3 receptor is connected to glioblastoma. This kind of brain cancer is the most malignant and the most common type of primary brain tumor found in human beings.

IP3R is seen to work by the impact it has on calcium release which is in turn what is responsible for spreading glioblastoma tumor cells.

Since caffeine interferes with the spread of IP3R, and its subtype IP3R3 it also results in slower growth of the cancer cells of the brain.

There is also lesser chance of the cancer spreading to other parts of the body.

So how much coffee or tea would one need to drink in order for it to have a beneficial effect on a brain tumor? It was seen that drinking between two and five cups of coffee or green tea in a day should have the requisite tumor reducing impact upon the cancer.